As defined, the word means:

  • Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.
  • A judgment or opinion, especially a favorable one.

Regardless of the meaning, everybody likes to be appreciated.

So, dont sulk. i.e.,

  • to be angry or upset about something and to refuse to discuss it with other people
  • to remain silent or hold oneself aloof in a sullen, ill-humored, or offended mood

If you don’t feel appreciated, remember that it’s not the real measure of what you are. It just so happened that someone else is more deserving of appreciation. lol

This is life’s reality. Others appreciate others more. hahahaha. You see, sometimes we think we are. Then we get the surprise of our life when reality bites. Nobody ever gets everything they ask for. Nobody always get what they deserve too…

I was given a BUDDY MATERIAL AWARD. I don’t get how or why but I trust that the giver noticed that I deserve such. Im grateful, yes, but I’d rather see more concrete award to all who deserve an award. Since I am not an award giver, I’d send some input here. Yet, allow me to mention that the Buddy Material is a good one. It meant something that this buddy, when he is your buddy, is someone you can depend on. What I like best about this award is that it also connotes something that you could be missing – that one thing you need to also put in you. It’s a good thing to see and face yourself in the mirror and find out what you do deserve and what you don’t. We all have expectations and our expectations varies.

Allow me to shower you with some of internet’s best meme to organize this disorganized thought.


Not me though. I know you have someone in mind. This is reality. Some people really think and feel awesome. They don’t deserve a medal though for that thinking or feeling. It is their own right. In a call center setting, this is really something that cannot be awarded. 😉

BEST TL, BEST handling time, BEST adherence, BEST commendation – anything best is good, but we can do better. The BEST handling time award should have been given to (two) 2 – one who handles all the splits, and the other, specific only.


This is something we should not commit – misjudging a judgement just because it’s not convenient for us. Well, let’s put it in a case-to-case basis. Hahahaha



Hahahaha…it’s true. We all know who deserves what award goes to whom. Now, I see no problem there. We could all agree that when someone deserving gets that award, we are happy about it. Even silently, we rejoice. The other issue is that we know we deserve something and we didn’t get it. We know of someone deserving and the award goes to another, or worst, the award goes to someone NOT deserving. Hahahaha.








(yeah…because I know I deserve it!)


Let’s look first at the relevance of what we do against the award we ought to deserve. If you can connect the dot without a dash, that’s something else.

I like positive awards. One that speaks highly of what the award is about and what relevance it has over the job you do. Otherwise, it’s totally negative.


In a call center, creating meme has nothing to do about anything, but if you touch the aux a lot of times, then it’s not the meme that is the problem. It’s the choice of things to do. 🙂



I can give you some! 🙂 Things that you do uniquely!

  • award for having the longest aux time – only you can do this – and that is still a positive award! (lest you change)
  • award for having the longest lunch break! – that could only mean you have big appetite and you can afford big meals!
  • award for having the longest errand aux! – you must be very busy and nobody notices. I think it’s time you get noticed?
  • award for having responded a great big number of calls – not just because you have a fast handling time – but because you addressed so many concerns. Somebody deserves this and is not given the award.
  • award for having the longest ACD time vs number of ACD calls for all splits
  • award for the longest ACD time! – that’s a lot of listening and talking time, you know. Either you lose your voice or you lose your hearing or you lose both! (paos na, bingi pa!) It’s a two-way street. Either you talk a lot or the caller is talking a lot.
  • award for being consistently at a consistent performance for the last 6 months?
  • award for having the least number of Leaves for the last 6 months? Despite having leaves, you still can perform with so much. How much more if you are always present?
  • award for having the shortest aux time for the last 6 months? it’s nobody’s fault that you get only a few calls.





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