8th February 2016

Afternoon Loop Run @ CCP Ramp @ 3:03pm. Sunny Day. 3.0 kms in 0:21:16. Average Pace is 0:07:00 per kilometer. Splits : 0:07:32/0:06:40/0:06:50. Walk part is going down the ramp. Then, 2.9 kms in 0:24:12 from CCP Ramp to Baywalk @ 3:26pm. Sunny turned Gloomy Afternoon. Average Pace is 0:08:10 per kilometer. Splits: 0:07:45/0:07:58/0:08:48.


10th February 2016

Weight 02/10/2016 @ 2:25pm. 136.2 lbs. 🙂

Afternoon Run Jog @2:56pm. Very Sunny.  7.1 kms in 0:52:32. Average Pace is 0:07:23 per kilometer. The route includes Baywalk, CCP Ramp.





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