Long Race Route

Friday. Weight = 135.4 lbs.

Monday. Weight as of this writing = 136.4 lbs.

After our Shabbat Meal on Saturday Night @ around 7:30pm, I prepped for the Midnight Ultra. I was early but the bib claiming took a drag. I was at the venue with other runners @ 9:20pm. Race started at 12:45am. toinks!

I walked and saw myself as the last runner walking in the field. Hahahaha. 5 minutes walk and the support medics is already behind me. Then, I started my Jog:Walk.


1st 16.09 kms in 2:14:55

2nd 21.0 kms in 3:29:20

3rd 15.0 kms in 2:49:25

4th 9.35 kms in 1:37:15

Last 3.7 kms in 0:39:40

Total of 65.14 kms in 10:50:35. I stopped my Garmin once while having a Goto Lugaw @ near KM 44. I crossed the Finish Line @ 11:45am.


I have consumed 4 Coke Mismo, 1 355ml Mt. Dew, 1 Buco Juice, and about 5 Coke Mismo Bottles of Water.

You can just imagine my thirst when I crossed the finish line. 🙂 Anyways…I finished and it’s all by God’s grace.




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