Walking the Trails

Just last Sunday, I finished a race. All by God’s grace. The race is organized by the New Era Race Team. The Beautiful Horizon Trail Run – a 30-kilometer race route out and back from Talipusngo, Maragondon, Cavite. Anyways, the route is very scenic. The event started at 4:00am and joiners were given 10 hours to complete the course. A very generous time! I am the sweeper for this event and I did just that – err, somehow! 😮

I have a GPS record of the route. 3-GPS records as follows:

  1. 1st 13.5kms
  2. 2nd 8kms
  3. 3rd 9kms

However, since the route is new to me and I carried only 2 bottles for drinking, I had to decide during the race if I would – and if I could really wait for the last runner. I have 11 runners behind me in the last 9-kms of the race. I believe all are still moving (no matter how slow) but at least 8 is far behind. It’s too hot and the sun is unforgiving. If I rested too much – I risk getting cramps and enduring so much thirst, not to mention the hunger. I did carry nothing but 2 bottles in my hydration bag pack. No GU. No anything. No candies nor chocolates. I guess I had to make a judgement call.

Allow me to show you first the GPS details. As follows:


(see the map elevation details)


(see that tooth-like gray figure?) 🙂


Last 9kms descent to Maragondon’s Road.

It was so hot during the last 7-kms of this part and there’s too little shade to hide at. I had about 250ml of warm water in my bottle. Thank God, there’s some marshalls stationed in the last 3-kms. Saved! While I still can run, I guess I will just have to wait for the others. So I stayed on a waiting shed for about an hour. 3 runners passed me. None else. So I walked to the finish line, and reported that there are still runners behind me. 8 to be exact, while I can initially recall 6. hahahaha.

Anyways, all 8 came within the next 40 minutes after I crossed the finish line. 1 though, DNF.

Of course, it was a successful event. 81 of 82 runners finished within 10 hours and 1 DNF due to a valid reason. The race course was properly marked that no one got lost. The route from Sunrise to the ‘desert’ part is really majestic and scenic and beautiful. Sad to say, not much pictures here since batteries almost drained and the heat of the hot sun really affected us.

All thanks to our Almighty God!

See the pictures below for better appreciation of the trail. (That’s me in CM50 white sleeves)





  1. Joseph Gentoleo 3:23:20
  2. Jelson Bestoir 3:37:58
  3. Chrisboy Aragon 3:38:30



  1. Penny Nepomuceno 4:32:52
  2. Ana Maria Mangubat 5:13:38
  3. Jilyan Ampog 5:14:11

CREW SEND-OFF. Before the rest go up their respective stations, and I rest. 🙂 Yes, that wacky girl is the MC. lol.

On top of the boulder near ‘Silyang Bato’. The sun suddenly hides – and there’s fog all around! lol. (I guess I have to go back here on a sunny day)

Non-consecutive selfie shots going down from the Summit. I was slowly waiting for the 6-runners behind me here.



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