Climbing Then and Now

Then, before a climb, even a dayhike, we meet and discuss things:

  • What things to bring
  • What clothes to wear
  • What physical preparation is needed. (Exercise)
  • What important things to know re the terrain and route of the climb
    1. Muddy, Rocky, or mix of both?
    2. River Trek? Hanging Bridge?
    3. Water Source?

Now, just join a group of Organized Climbers. They usually write the IT, and the things to bring and some few advisories. Then, go.

No questions asked now if you are even physically fit for the trek or climb. This is too funny for me. Simply because without proper physical “preparation” before a climb, you risk yourself to so much stress – you ended up breathing heavily and taking so many rests, you ended up feeling all the pain in your foot and knee and quads. Not to mention that you will definitely drag your group to a slow pace.

When the group pace comes to a drag, the group breaks. ๐Ÿ™‚

The experienced, fast and strong ones will not settle to just sitting around and waiting. They will opt to keep moving – while you rests, move slowly, rest again. ๐Ÿ™‚

But it’s not always the case. Some experienced, fast and strong trekkers/hikers/climbers are patient enough to help out, guide and give advise.

Not that there should be arguments or heated discussion somewhere.

It’s just an honest observation of a fact.

Hence, people would normally hike, trek and climb with the same group of people – the likes of them. However, adventure doesn’t only mean the trek, the climb or the hike. It also means, meeting new ones, and winning a friend in the end – regardless of the difference in experience, strength and speed.

Cheers to the next climb!


This is by no means any different to a runner who would join a race. The distance will always be a choice. The question is if they are even prepared to finish well the chosen distance.

The author is an experienced runner and coach in ultra-marathon running. The point of view of the article is to highlight the need to train and prepare for a particular activity so that the end result is a happy finish – no issues of so much struggle, painful walks etc…

The author is also an experienced climber, trekker and hiker for more than a decade. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you know the song below by Sandwich, I’m pretty sure you’d get the idea:

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My Calendar for August 2016


August 7 – Tentative – Dingalan, Aurora

August 14 – Open

August 21 – Jariel’s Peak with Ken

August 28 – Open

#thoughts in mind 01: Binacayan-Pamitinan-Banoy Trilogy or Quad + Ayaas

#thoughts in mind 02: Marathon SR in Marilaque.

#thoughts in mind 03: Mixed Marathon SR with Climb. (Where?)

Difficult is Relative

This is a very informal writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, difficult is very relative.

For a new runner, even a 3-km run is already too hard – difficult. However, to some new ones, the same distance could be easy – in terms of distance and pacing.

For a new climber, (here we go!) a minor climb can be very difficult. Again, difficult is very relative. The difficulty may be due to the long distance, or the technicality of the trail, or the terrain, the elevation to the summit, or a little of all.

Wait, Mt. Paliparan may be a Minor Climb, yes…but the trail going back via TungTong Falls? nah…its definitely not difficult – it’s dangerous and deadly!

I’d strongly advise anyone against doing this climb / trail for the first time. Not that I’d like to deny you of the experience, but that I want to ask you something first. Are you willing to take the risk? Do you have enough courage?

If you say yes, please! Go!

If you’re not sure you have the courage and is willing to take the risk, please, go!

The Summit of Mt. Paliparan from the Junction, coming from Cayumbay’s Brgy. Hall is at least no more than 5-kilometer. This distance is easy even for a beginner – but the trail to the Summit is very technical. You will need gloves to protect your hands, and you should be wearing something tough but light bottoms. The rocky trail in this portion is very sharp! I think a shoe with non-slip sole would be best. I wore my Roclite 243 here. I slipped (chasing a kangaroo) but only on the river trek! (Not where I shouldn’t be slipping at all!)

Summit to the Dumagat’s Community is easy. One trail. No getting lost. Locals are friendly and accomodating. Especially when you need to buy something! ๐Ÿ™‚

From the Dumagat Community to TungTong Falls is almost a solid river trek. Walk, Jump, Hop on rocks to avoid getting your shoes/feet wet but it’s for naught…you’d really have to dip you shoes/feet anyway. Unless you really don’t mind getting a slide and falling on your butt.

Dip yourself in the water of TungTong Falls. You’d love the cold it will bring to your heated body. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I immersed myself for about 55 minutes…long enough to get chills and foot cramps!

And here starts the challenge – one memorable trek you’d never forget. Going up the dirt trail from where you enjoyed a small swim.

First, you ascend on top of the small falls…river trek…walk on water over hopping on rocks…then meet the scare of your clueless life. The highest falls in front of you is also the way up! Literally!

I cant describe it in words. Pictures will do that.

No harness. No rope. No nothing! Just the rocks, and the falling streams of water.

Yes, one wrong footing or one loose hold – dead. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But God is loving and merciful and kind! He created all things – including this beautiful mountain falls! There’s really a way!

First – don’t carry your bag or anything that could make you lose your grip or your balance – especially your footing. (Team effort here – send the bags up first!)

Second – do not release your footing unless you are holding tightly on something on a firm grip. (i am giving you an advice – a redundant advice!)

Third – do not look down – but focus on your way up.

Congrats – you must have made it by this time after my third advice. lol.

From there, pat your back and resume the river trek until it’s time to assault a stairway of that clay dirt soil you missed for a few hours! It’s now a literal walk to the Brgy. Hall where you started, via a bit long clay dirt road. Pray that you won’t have to pass this road on a rainy day.

Pictures below for your reference, thanks for reading!

My collage. clockwise: trail going up the summit, brgy. Hall, the falls, the climb up, view going up from the plains, dinner at YumBoss, whitened feet from river crossing.

Lunch at the Dumagat Community. 

 ChocoRice with Coconut Milk a few minutes after the lunch. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

In the Dumagat’s Community coming down from the Mountain Behind. Mt. Paliparan summit is the peak between the nipa hut and my hand.

One of the many majestic view on the way up…I’m standing on a protruding rock!

Before going up to where the real challenge is! Some already got challenged at this point.

Close to the falls

Dinner at YumBoss, Mayamot, Antipolo

Atop the small falls

Only picture in the small falls before the assault back 

Shot from the tail…you can see the guy in orange, right? That’s where the challenge starts.

Other pictures from other climbers are not yet uploaded so I post this one. 

With God, nothing really is impossible! He enables us to do things we thought we cannot do!

All glory to him who created the heavens and the earth!


Upcoming Trips

I already have a confirmed trip to Mt. Batolusong. ๐Ÿ™‚ This will be on July 24, 2016. Looking it up, I found out that it’s some place I could go on my own. Hahahahaha…

Actually, it’s some place I have been passing by all along whenever I train-to-run in Tanay, via Sampaloc Road. Toinks.

Anyways, the excitement is the same.

I will be going there and will be returning on my own! lol.

Another two (2), which is not confirmed yet but is already an agreed trip, is a Dingalan, Aurora Trip on the 7th of August…then, a 20-hour Hike-Trek-Climb in Bataan. Both are already in the plans, and communicated to the organizer but no final go yet.


Happy to go back to the mountains!