Climbing Then and Now

Then, before a climb, even a dayhike, we meet and discuss things:

  • What things to bring
  • What clothes to wear
  • What physical preparation is needed. (Exercise)
  • What important things to know re the terrain and route of the climb
    1. Muddy, Rocky, or mix of both?
    2. River Trek? Hanging Bridge?
    3. Water Source?

Now, just join a group of Organized Climbers. They usually write the IT, and the things to bring and some few advisories. Then, go.

No questions asked now if you are even physically fit for the trek or climb. This is too funny for me. Simply because without proper physical “preparation” before a climb, you risk yourself to so much stress – you ended up breathing heavily and taking so many rests, you ended up feeling all the pain in your foot and knee and quads. Not to mention that you will definitely drag your group to a slow pace.

When the group pace comes to a drag, the group breaks. πŸ™‚

The experienced, fast and strong ones will not settle to just sitting around and waiting. They will opt to keep moving – while you rests, move slowly, rest again. πŸ™‚

But it’s not always the case. Some experienced, fast and strong trekkers/hikers/climbers are patient enough to help out, guide and give advise.

Not that there should be arguments or heated discussion somewhere.

It’s just an honest observation of a fact.

Hence, people would normally hike, trek and climb with the same group of people – the likes of them. However, adventure doesn’t only mean the trek, the climb or the hike. It also means, meeting new ones, and winning a friend in the end – regardless of the difference in experience, strength and speed.

Cheers to the next climb!


This is by no means any different to a runner who would join a race. The distance will always be a choice. The question is if they are even prepared to finish well the chosen distance.

The author is an experienced runner and coach in ultra-marathon running. The point of view of the article is to highlight the need to train and prepare for a particular activity so that the end result is a happy finish – no issues of so much struggle, painful walks etc…

The author is also an experienced climber, trekker and hiker for more than a decade. πŸ˜‰

If you know the song below by Sandwich, I’m pretty sure you’d get the idea:

β™ͺβ™« Wala pa nung myx wala pa nung mtv
Wala pa nung internet β™«
Wala pa nung ipod at mp3 β™ͺ
Wala pa nung cable β™«
Wala pa nung cellphone β™ͺ
Wala pa ring cd or dvd β™«
Meron lang betamax β™ͺ

β™« Sa jingle magazine
β™ͺ Natutong mag gitara
β™« Sinifra ang mga kanta
Sa cassettte at plaka ah.β™ͺβ™«β™ͺβ™«

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