Twin Hiking Cayabu and Maynuba

It’s not about me. This is all about the 1st climb of my 11 year old son, Cyril Justin.

We talked about this after my climb in Mt. Maculot. He agreed. We bought a trekking sandals for him. We talked about how he will uae my trekking pole.We also discussed what he should be wearing. We already both know what backpack he will be using.

Come 12:30am of the 12th of September, were already moving. We took a jeepney to Guadalupe, and a bus to Cubao. He hasn’t slept and I was expecting him to doze off anytime. By the time we reached Cubao and McDo Kia Center, the store is closed. 

We ended up having a meal at the Burger King nearby.

By about past 2:30m, were on our way to Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal.

If I am not mistaken, we started at 4:15am. After a brief intro and dividing the group in to 3. Were at Team A. The lead pack. Surely, Cyril lead almost all the time!

1st to have the picture at the 1st Summit

Moving forward in the dark, we trekked the challenging stone part with a lot of ropes. They call this ‘kiss the wall’ route.


The challenging part was no challenge at all. Hahahaha.

We finished the climb early. We ate lunch. Took a bath, then waitwed for the rest of the people in the group.

We got home early evening.

All glory to God!

He sustained our strength and kept us safe all throughout.


I would have ranted over a lot of things…but!

I choose to highlight the best things in this life.

This is my choice. No matter what happens. No matter how many undesirable things happen. No matter what comes.

Take for example our guide last August 27 in our Traverse Hike @ Mt. Maculot. He is Mang Jose. Yes, parang si Daimos din. Pwedeng arkilahin!

He is almost the same age as I am. He is amazed at how I was able to keep up with him. But this post is not about me. It’s about what’s best in that hike.

Mang Jose has been a trail guide for 4 years now. He is one of the veteran guide in Cuenca, Batangas. He lost his cellphone and so, sad to say, no contact number from him.

He holds a wooden trekking pole and is very patient about his job. He has provisions in a back pack and a radio on his side. He is also one of the few ready for snake bites along the trail – he has an antidote with him.

He knows the route well and is very much knowledgeable of the place.

I think he is the best guide of them all. :)Why? Simply because he is Mang Jose.