The 3rd of January 2017

We woke up early. We had a simple breakfast of bread and coffee. Off we go to CLSF Central for the Bow Training Orientation Batch 2.

We arrived a few minutes past 9am. Then the worship started after a few words from Pastor Joel of IFP (Intercessors For the Philippines).

It was a free-flowing worship in spirit.The leader just waited upon the Lord for instructions and He never failed.

We were set free from entanglements on our feet. We were allowed to dance freely and take away all the seats. There was also a renewal of vows for all the married couples. My wife Cora saw me in white american suit with white rose on my chest, while she in a long gown, holding a bouquet of white roses! How I wish I could see what she saw.

Then an orientation about the Bows role in these end times.

Pastor Rene lead the intro on Angels Training.

There was a confirmed intruction for all the Pastors and Leaders to wash each others’ feet. We did.But it was all after the Covenant Signing. A Spirit-lead ceremony guided by the angels with the Lord on the Stage. Each one signed a golden blank book with a golden pen. We are to sign our name and our commitment as Bows for the Arrows of the End Time Armies. It was a very organized ceremony. The angels would, for some select Pastors, give something or send a message. One was given healing. We didnt know she was undergoing chemotheraphy. One was given something for his maintenance. Pastor Peter was given a sandals. Pastor Eric, a conductor’s wand. Pastor Ed, an end-time Crown!

It was a mighty move of God for this batch.

After the giving and closing message by Pastor Ed, we ended at past 3:00pm!

Me and wife then took a ride home. Ate a late-lunch at Chowking Kalentong, bought food for Cyril and Czarina Joy, then straight home.

Here now, at home, having ☕, and writing this blog.

Our God is really an awesome God. His clear instruction earlier is to follow the move of the Holy Spirit. Not what we want. Not what we thought of. It’s all about the power of the Holy Spirit in our daily life. As an intercessor, it’s of utmost importance for us to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. He is not just our Lord, but also our Wonderful Counselor. He guides and reveals to us the things of God. With Him present in all we do, we can be assured of victory.

To God be the glory.

by Mar Marilag 01/03/2017


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