The 4th of January 2017

It was a very ordinary day.

Woke up early. Wasn’t able to have breakfast. It seemed like a long day.


Lots of incoming calls.

Had lunch by 10:00am. A very salty meal…


Bought some calendars for my siblings.

Went home.

Changed my profile and cover photo and had a new idea – run to Sisiman Beach!

My FB profile is a standing picture on the edge of Mt. Batulao’s Summit.

A planned run from Mariveles’ KM 00 marker to the Lighthouse of Sisiman Beach overlooking a hill-like boulder.

I could cover a lot of hardroad with this one.

After a meal when I get home, I rested and fell asleep. Felt tired…but again, on to Dinner when I woke up. Hahaha.

Having ☕now while I write, before 📖 and 🙏. I even plan to 🏋 before 🚿 and 🛏.

Off to business now.

…at past 11:20pm, while reading the Bible, we were lead to prayer for our son Chloe James.

So much to pray for.

To God be the glory! He alone deserves it all!

by Mar Marilag 01/04/2017


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