The 6th of January 2017

Morning breakfast was a cup of ☕ Coco Mocha and some hot pandesal. 🙂

6:56am French Roast ☕

Tonight is a Shabbat Night. A dinner meal preceded by prayers and blessings.

10:29AM. Owl Coffee ☕

12:30PM. French Roast ☕

1:44PM. Salabat.

Bem’s 1st day back at work is today. She bought a pizza for us. I was engaged when the team started eating. 😦

Got home real quick that I forgot to pay something I should.

By the time I got home, I had to prepare things. I wanted to sleep and I felt tired. But as the shabbat night drew nearer, I felt very much awaken.

I was already preparing a vegetable-fried rice to match the siomai my daughter bought when people started coming in. 🙂 Thank God I’m almost done.

Shabbat started as usual with a prayer from Ate Yollie. Progressed as usual too until we reached the part where we will worship. There’s just so much song to sing to glorify the living God. As the worship progressed – new things happen. Anointing too.

I have separated the blog for the 1st Shabbat Night of 2017.

We ended the day and my whole family took our well-deserved rest.

by Mar Marilag 01/10/2017



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