The 8th of January 2017

We had to wake up early. We will be attending Church at CLSF Central. (Christ the Livingstone Fellowship).

This time, we took a totally different route. via Boni in Mandaluyong. Then to McDonald’s Barangka. Another tricycle to CLSF. This is a faster route and cheaper than our Shaw Blvd. Route.

I was praying along the way for us to be able to reach the sanctuary before worship starts. We got there a few minutes earlier than usual and it’s the 1st song I think.

Bishop Dan will not be preaching but there will be a communion. The pulpit was given to sharers of their Camp Experience. One of which is Elijah.

After, we had lunch at Shakey’s in 500 Shaw, Shaw Blvd. Then we bought some groceries at Puregold Sta. Ana.

Ordinary night so far. 🙂

by Mar Marilag 01/10/2017


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