The 9th of January 2017

An ordinary day I planned ahead. Then the wife requested something.

I went to Luneta with Czarina Joy. She is to meet with her friend Pau for a jogging. Off I go home ahead after a short run on my own.

Had a cup of coffee with my wife and some sandwiches. A few minutes rest, then we go to work.

My son Cyril helped me clean the mats. We also took the numerous plastic bags of dirty clothes to the laundry. I cooked a stir-fried beans and mushroom to complement the adobo my wife cooked. We just had a very nice lunch.

I spent a lot of time reading the Bible.

Fell asleep late afternoon and woke up at about 9pm. We just shared a pizza for dinner. I continued my reading and started draft of some writings.

Then we prayed. Off to bed. ZZzzzzzzzzz.

by Mar Marilag 1/10/2017



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