The 10th of January 2017

I came to work early.

A very regular day. All work.

Had to start completing a report. And then, prepare some powerpoint presentation.

Good thing though – there’s a pizza at the end of my shift! 🙂 Thank you, Lord!

I will have to get Cyril at school – through this rain. I didn’t know we even have a tropical storm. 🙂

We walked in the rain, as expected. We walked to Robinson’s Manila. I bought him a new school shoes. Then, we took a ride home from Padre Faura side.

By the time we got home, it was already near 8:00pm. A few minutes more and we had dinner. After dinner, I started my reading. I need to pray too.

By about 9:22pm, as we are having a small talk, me, wife and kids, we we’re prompted to pray. I thought it was just another ordinary night but it’s not.

There was casting-out. Intercession. And some more new gifts from the Holy Spirit.

By 11:59am, we ended, freshened up and go to bed.

By Mar Marilag 01/12/2017




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