The 11th of January 2017

I need to be early at work. I have a group of people to teach, lecture about eBanking by 8:00am.

I met the group for the first time. It was an informal meeting. I started with some small talk while explaining my slides. I was told to finish by 12:00nn, since it’s also the lunch break of these people. Good. I ended my talk at 11:52am. A bit early but I made sure my pace, and what I am talking about is understood.

I had lunch, some more brewed coffee then went back to my workstation.

By 2:45pm, I’m off and ready to run. I did my slow jog and walk at CCP Ramp. Was able to finally manage a 5K.

I went home after.

Waited for my kids to arrive from home while cooking something for dinner.

I had to teach Czarina Joy re her Calculus assignment. 🙂

I wrote some more and then go to bed while they are already asleep.

All glory to God!

by Mar Marilag 1/12/2017


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