The 15th of January

We attended Church Service. It was the usual great worship but with a lot more of intercession this time. Kuya Dan gave the message. 

After church service, we go straight to San Joaquin, Pasig. We had lunch at Jollibee.

After lunch, we go straight to Cedar Crest Condo for Stephen’s 1st Birthday. He is Loulay’s grandson from Butchie.

1st part of the program is the food! :mrgreen: 🐷 🐷 🤗

The healthy little boy is the celebrant with her Mom. 

It was a fun party. Stephen is so blessed. Lots of people came. Familiar faces we have not seen for years are there – friends, acquaintances. Macky gave us a ride to C5.

By the time we got home, after my ☕, we prayed. We thank God for everything, for the day, for the gifts. We sent blessings to friends and families. Especial blessing too for the family of the celebrant. We also bless the coming week from Monday to Sunday.

All glory to God!

by Mar Marilag 01/15/2017


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