The 16th of January 2017

Just Coco Mocha. ☕

I had to finish a report and submit it later.

2 French Roast ☕

1 Kopiko Cappuccino ☕

Off from work, I go atraight at home. I felt sleepy and tired. I tried to take a nap but Csarina Joy bought some snacks even when I have just taken a late lunch. Alarm went off at 5:15pm. I have to go and get Cyril. 5:28pm I took a jeepney. 5:39pm, Im àlready walking near the school. I was able to get an express ride from a jeepney who hates non-moving traffic.

Cyril came out early. We went to National Bookstore. Bought a refill for his Pilot pen and then enjoyed a pair of our favorite Krispy Kreme.

After dinner at home, we finshed his homework in Math and CE.

They’re all fast asleep as I finish this writing!

All glory to God!





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