The 17th of January 2017

@6:40am. Double Cup of Nescafe Original 3-in-1.

@10:35am. A Cup of MILO chocolate drink.

A very ordinary morning until lunch time.

Tuition Arrears paid.

Rice Allocation claimed.

Czarina Joy seen in Pandacan @3:48pm.

After dinner, I started praising and worshipping. I intend to pray and warfare this night. It turned-out to be a battle.

Anyways…a giant pale of the blood of our Lord was poured on us – the entire House and an individual pitcher on each head.

An eagle circle around me.

The Lord himself embraced me while I cry on His shoulders.

Promotion prayed for.

Demons cast-out.

Whole house sweeped …

All glory to God!






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