The 18th of January 2017

Morning is very ordinary. Coffee.

I enjoyed my lunch for a very simple reason: (secret)

By the time I got home, I was so tired. This is something new to me. Czarina Joy arrived a few minutes after me. She bought a siomai for us. I have a Bucheron in my bag. So we shared a meal together over a bottle of RC Cola. 🙂

I took a very short nap after. Czarina Joy fell asleep! hahahaha

By the time my alarm sounded, I am ready to get Cyril Justin. He was already waiting for me when I arrived at JRCA. I walked from home via Quirino Ave.

We got home at around 6:40pm.

I had to start early…praising and worshipping the living God.

By 9:00pm, I started praying. Right at the same time, my wife and Czarina Joy entered the room. Cyril Justin is already with me.

It was a battle again.The Lord revealed things again.

  • The magnet man
  • The 8 connecting – chains
  • The crystal ball
  • The dark smokes

After all this, I fell asleep.

All glory to God!

by Mar Marilag 1/19/2017


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