The 20th of January 2017

We were all excited for the coming night of Shabbat for this day.

The morning and afternoon seemed somehow irrelevant to me. I even work and took a late lunch. I had to go home as fast as I can to prepare.

Were early at Ate Eda’s house. Ate Au and Kuya Eli is already there. Ate Myles came next and then Ate Yollie.

It was a different Shabbat format. Short but in essence is still a Shabbat without the blessing of the children, wife and husbands.

The meal is sumptuous though. Ate Eda’s generosity shine so bright! 

After meal, we came to listen to Czarina Joy and Cyril Justin’s story. Ate Myles shared a lot too. 

Then, we start with Praise and Worship before Intercession.

Awesome God!

I opened with the Song ‘🎵O let the Son of God enfold you with His Spirit and His love 🎵 Let Him fill your heart and satisfy your soul 🎵 O let Him have the things that hold you 🎵 And His Spirit like a dove 🎵 will descend upon your life and make you whole. 🎵’

We closed at ‘I exalt thee’.

Intercession flowed. Healing. Deliverance. Blessings.

All glory to God!

by Mar Marilag 21-Jan-2017


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