The 21st of January 2017

Today is the 2nd of 7 weeks of Shabbat Night of Prayer Watch. We had to make it to CLSF’s Sanctuary before 12:00nn, and we did.We had a quick lunch at McDonald’s Barangka before proceeding.

The worship started and in just a few minutes less than an hour, the manifest presence of the King of Glory, the Lion of Judah marching in our midst. However, Pastor Rene is getting reports that there are some among those present not getting a breakthrough. So, we ended up in a deliverance! Wow! First of the many watches to have this session.

After, another speaker from Los Banos, Pastor Ariel, spoke about the Love of the Father. There was an impartation after his talk. Awesome experience!

We had dinner, again, at McDonald’s Barangka. Now I am writing this upon entering home.

All glory to God, our Father!

by Mar Marilag 21-Jan-2017

edited at 21:47

We thought the night is ended for sleep.

Wife sensed something in me. I prayed for our covering and protection, and then, a revelation of this spirit. I asked my kids to search the location of this spirit. Czarina Joy saw it lodged in my soul. O my God! So we prayed again for it to go out and leave. I instructed them to touch my stomach at the same time. Then, wife prayed and commanded it to go out. A long-haired woman exactly like the one you will see in the movie The Ring. But this one is all dark and black. Came out of my stomach head first. Even touched their hands and stepped a few steps to where the warrior angels are, then disappeared. 

We thanked God but then a few minutes after, a witch riding-in-broom came at the gate, hands extended at us. Wow. Thank God, our Shield. Urgently, I prayed to counter … arrest the Spirit and let the warrior angels deal with it. The broom was cut while she was laughing at us – while refusing to leave. Anyways, victory is ours. She was taken by the warrior angels.

All glory to our Banner of Victory, Jehovah Nissi! 

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