The 23rd of January 2017

A breezy and cold morning. It was raining since last night. I was only able to get a little sleep but I’m not tired or anything.

I was so tired when I get home. I had to take a nap then get Cyril at school. We also had to pass-by Save More to buy him a Pao-Tsin meal.

After dinner, I continue praising. By 7:00pm, we started praying. But before this prayer with my family, I was with Cyril interceding upstairs for Czarina Joy. Warriors angels entered the house. We battle.

This time, a prayer for Chloe James. We asked the Lord for revelations. We asked for his salvation. We asked the Lord to battle for us. So we did. We battle. There was uprooting and breaking of chains. There’s also a lot of characters involve.

Victory is ours.

All glory to God, the Almighty Father!


by Mar Marilag 1/24/2017 6:14am



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