The 1st of February 2017

I went home straight afterwork. It was a very productive night.

I had to sleep. I need to.

By 11am, I had to get up and send Cyril to school. After, I went back home and picked up on my sleep. By 5pm, up and about again to get Cyril. We then go to Robinson’s Manila. Chloe James and Czarina Joy will be meeting us there.

I need to buy Chloe James a new shoes. The old pair he has is really old already. For Czarina Joy, a bag of her choice as a birthday present. She took two kinds of bag! And yes, I bought a new leather shoes for myself. It was so nice to my feet and I like it.

Then, we ate dinner at McDonalds.

Got to pray now. It’s our daily thing.

With God, nothing is really impossible.

We walked when we got stuck on traffic. I have no choice. I have a work and we also need to pray (intercede).

After a few minutes of rest, around quarter to 9pm, we prayed. God is mighty in battle. He rescues and Saves! Daniel 6:27 is the word for this night. 

All glory to God, our loving Father!

by Mar Marilag 2/2/2017

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