Remembering Baguio

June 22:

Off to the meeting place.

Travel to Lakeshore, Pampanga where the team regrouped for an early lunch or a late breakfast at Shakeys.

It was my first morning in this lifetime at Shakeys.

Back on the road, straight now to Baguio City.

The rented place is Cinema Leonardo. No, it’s not a place to watch any movie.

After our lunch at Oh My Gulay where we had the most nutritious meal of our lives.

After, the Team broke into groups:

  1. To buy stuff for dinner
  2. To buy stuff for self

We opted to take a walk inside Burnham. Since we choose to go back to Cinema Leonardo using google maps. The phone ran out of battery. We tried taking a cab. But was taken someplace else. We go back to Session Road, had coffee at 7-11, tried to get the right address of CL…

We finally get what we needed and got a taxi who knows the way.

Geared up. Ran.

Started with a 2.0 km walk up, then a run:walk all the way to La Trinidad! It was a cold foggy night. I was prepared though with my fog light.

After the run, we took a cab to Session Road…bought fought at Jollibee and head back to CL. It was already raining the minute we took a cab in La Trinidad. We could have been frozen! Hahaha

Day ends.

June 23:

I woke up a bit late since I barely get to sleep. There was an orchestra of snorers all around me and I could do anything about it.

I ran from CL to the Public Market near Burnham. Walked a few meters to Session Road, and then find the jeepney to CL.

It was a bit fast and I felt my quads and calf-muscle explode.

I was able to get back to CL fast enough for the breakfast of fried rice, danggit and scrambled egg.

Then the activity started.


Lots of games.

English Hour!

It went on until night.

We also had a chocolatey champorado in the afternoon.

Somehow, we were given 40-minute break for a walk…before dinner.

It was a cold-breezy and foggy night. It was about to rain hard.

We started walking and I planned a 30-minute at least for a descending route. It started raining the minute we hit the road.

After the walk, and being soaked in cold rain, we had the best dinner of our life.

Lots of barbecued stuff…and wagyu beef! With tons of romaine lettuce!

So we ate to our hearts-content…and our tummy’s.

Then another activity.

Im one of the judges.

I took a cup of beer and off to bed I go.

The day never ended.

Lots of shouts and yells and loud talks all over.

June 24:

Geared up upon waking up.

We took a cab to Mt. Kalugong for a quick hike. I planned to make it back to CL by 1030am.

So we did find it. Started the hike, as soon as were registered.

Cool place. Nice trail. Perfect weather. Nothing more I could ask for.

After hiking down, took the public jeepney to the town proper. Amazing route! Awesome drivers! And there’s a mall!

We ate shawarma, then head back to Baguio City. Took the jeepney back to CL, took a fast bath, and dressed up for the Club Officer’s Training.



The ride back to Manila was uncomfortable at first. I had to carry my big hiking bag. Foot room is too small.

I had to endure.

Takbo.Ph Runfest: 10th Year of Running

I have not joined any race for a very long time. My last is the BDM 102 in 2016!

While I have been running almost daily for the last 8 months, I do not really take time nor bother to join a race.

I saw how the runners of today are. It’s easy to identify a runner who is unprepared.

I have a 10K bib but I ran a 5K. 4 minutes of running with 1 minute walk breaks. Still, able to finish in 0:35:54. A decent time compared to a bunch of walkers and selfie-takers.



Everybody is governed by rules.
Some of us though, follow, while others resist, or find ways to break it.

Rules exist for order. It was originally created for the unruly – yes, to rule them.

Now whatever the rule is, it’s supposed to be mutual beneficial.

What happens when a rule is something unacceptable?

What happens when a rule is personally beneficial only to one?

Questions arise.

Answers cant be found.