Tonight, @ UEC Toastmasters Club Meeting, I’ll be the Table Topic Master as one of the 3 Projects I need to complete Level 2 of my Path Motivational Strategies under Pathways.

I prepared only 3 since I will be preparing comments for each speaker.

Hoping for a fun session.

It was good enough. A bit commendable effort for a successful session.

The oxymoron worked well.

I realized that only a true moron will have nothing to say or use of an oxymoron – that’s a known secret.

On the other hand…I had a joyfully sad afternoon.

The walk was fine. The picture again is the issue. An extremely stressful point to touch. Discarding the thought is a definite maybe.


27th of August 2018

I learned something.

I realized a lot.

It’s hard. It’s painful. It’s unbelievable.

If it’s true, it’s sad.

I hope it is just another lie.

The road I travel is rolling and full of ups and downs. I look up to the ups. But the downs can really pull me down.

The end of my road is a boulder?

A dead-end where there is no way to work around?

I don’t know. If it is, I do not even want to find out.

If it isn’t – I hope i’d be happily surprised.


August 22 2018

At about a few minutes before 10:00am, I was called to be a Table Topics Evaluator for a Toastmaster Demo Meeting of a BODP Batch.

Present were TMs Keena, Jo, Joseph and Div L Director Zarah.

Multiple roles were filled.

TM of the day and TT Master is TM Keena. Intro and Speech is TM Jo. TM Joseph took all the Technical Evaluation roles, and TM Zarah is the GE and Speech Evaluator. I focused on the Table Topics Evaluation of 3 speakers.

That’s just half of the day.