27th of September 2018

It was a short easy run walk.

Also, a short but quality time.

Then, delivered a Speech @ UEC for the Speech Marathon.

Awesome day!

I spoke about my ‘Open Eyes’.

While smiling.

Others got scared. Some, didnt.


18th of September 2018

Today starts a workout adaptation to improve run pace to goal pace.

Every jog:walk is long. Every run:walk is faster. Bursts will be introduced too.

More than the workout, I look forward to the work after it.

Another special day.

Full of frustrations and disappointments. Same as the 15th but better. The firsts and seconds top the list.

Who can help?

Who has the remedy?

14th and 15th of September 2018

The 14th started everything. It was the best day before the 15th. Full of unexpected things. Good, and awesome unexpected things. Full of memorable firsts…

The 15th topped it all.



Full of firsts.

Full of frustrations.

I will never forget this day.

Not just because of the failures and big frustrations but also of the firsts…and some great awesome things too.