7th of September

Fine, fine day.

Better than the usual.

A lot better than ever.

Warm, and peaceful, and not stressed.


Positively Unpredictable

I got my Certificate from Toastmasters International today. Level 2, Motivational Strategies Path.

Yesterday was surprisingly sad, and bothersome. The day before was so fine. Today, I don’t know. I expect a good day. I expect the best. It’s just too unpredictable…and I choose to stay positive about the negative thoughts I have.


6th of September 2018

I will deliver a speech today to complete my Level 2 in Pathways : Motivational Strategies.

The last of 3 Projects is Knowing Your Communication Style.

Glad to have made it this far…with all the learnings I gained.

Completed the speech and the evaluation was good and thorough. It’s always my vocal variety that is lacking. Maybe I do sound monotone. hahaha


This days started fine. Down by the start of the night…and ended up before bed. Talk about a roller-coaster ride.