15th of November 2018

I went to a 2-hour 3:1 Run:Walk.

My mind took me someplace else too.

I was chosen to be one of a participant in a Best Coach of the Philippines show. I also won the public’s adoration. My value increased, and I got a lot of big time opportunities. I got rich too.

While I was messaging her everyday…and getting nothing for reply, I decided to see her one night by surprisingly appearing in a meeting.

I messaged her beforehand that I’d be coming to get her.

I saw that she was crying even before I came.

She was longing for the day that I would see her again.

I didn’t know that she was even crying long before I arrived.

I entered the room like a cat…and saw her eyes. She was crying, she stood up and ran to me…open arms and jumped at me.

We embraced and she was just murmuring a clear murmur of ‘Im sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you’…and we kissed, to the shock of everyone present.

She faced the group, well, we did, and she told them – ‘We’d be back’…and we went out.

Headed somewhere …

  • amazing how detailed it is
  • amazing at how clear it is in my mind
  • hoping that it will happen
  • praying to God that this will come true

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