What Went Wrong

October 13 was just fine.

October 14 run shouldn’t have happened.

This started every problem known to the imagination.

October 15 was an attempt to fix things.

October 17 is a miracle. The greatest miracle on the face of the earth unknown to any man.

October 18 to present is the end result of October 14th.

I wish that I could turn back the clock.

The DAM of listed anger was released.

The DAM of held patience was broken.

The DAM of wrath was opened.

The WRATH of i-dont-care poured out.

All is my fault.

How do I take back the thoughtless words I have said?

How do I remove the hurt they bring?

What can I do to bring back what was lost?

How do I ask forgiveness if I am not listened to?




  • September 14th – 1/2
  • September 15th – 0 R
  • September 18th – 0 Q
  • September 30th – 1st O
  • October 2nd – 2nd H
  • October 3rd – 3rd Q
  • October 6th – 4th H
  • October 10th – 5th is a Double! H
  • October 17 – 6th has a 3rd and 4th P Q
  • 7TH ????? God knows…

18th of September 2018

Today starts a workout adaptation to improve run pace to goal pace.

Every jog:walk is long. Every run:walk is faster. Bursts will be introduced too.

More than the workout, I look forward to the work after it.

Another special day.

Full of frustrations and disappointments. Same as the 15th but better. The firsts and seconds top the list.

Who can help?

Who has the remedy?