The 1st Shabbat Night of 2017

We are still in awe of the last Shabbat of 2016. It was full of new experiences to the majority of the members of CLSF Paco House of Prayer. See the old post here.

This night is expected to be exciting.

Ate Yollie wrote something for reading. It was given to her by Ate Eda.

“Äko may sakit ang pakiramdam ko, attack lang ng enemy…pero alam ko na makakareceive ako ng healing as we do our shabbat night”

“Ito yung purpose natin bakit tayo nagsha-shabbat”

After the Tzedakah, an opening prayer by Ate Yollie:

‘Lord, we thank you. We thank you so much as we start this year 2017. Salamat Panginoon na we can celebrate shabbat. We honor you at this time, father God. We thank you for the benefits of shabbat. We thank you na hindi lamang nare-recharge ang aming spiritual batteries but also you strengthen our divine connection with you. And thank you for that benefit that we will have a taste of paradise as we do this shabbat this day. We welcome you, Holy Spirit. Be the one who direct and inspire us tonight…even the songs that we will sing kayo po ang magbibigay sa amin ng direction. And pati po yung aming sharing time kayo po ang magdirect nito, Holy Spirit. We give this time unto you, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”

Kuya Eli and Ate Au lead the Shabbat Prayers.

Ate Yollie: “Lord, we thank you this offerings. Let this be the fund for the needs of the center….kayo po ang magmultiply ng blessing sa lahat…in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”

Ate Yollie while blessing the Children: “…lalong-lalo na po ang malalim na relasyon nila sa inyo, lalo nyo pa pong palalimin, iinspire, ienergize na gawin po ang lahat ng mga nararapat upang mas makilala po nila kayo. Lord, we just speak blessing Lord, dito po sa last year ng kanilang semester. We pray Lord, that you will bless them sa kanilang thesis, bigyan po sila ng guidance, and that you will be glorified in each one of them. We give you back all the glory in Jesus’name.”

Proverbs 31:10 declared by the students for the wives and their mothers.

Psalm 128 was declared to the Husbands and Fathers – including spiritual fathers.

Ate Yollie: “Sa monday merong Nazareno. Sabi may threat. Pagpray natin kasi ang daming tao nyan. Yung possibility na may mangyari. Kaya Lord, kaya sabi ‘may you see manila prosper, and be kept safe, especially on Monday – the day po ng Nazareno. Hindi lang sila maawaken spiritually, but also keep them safe. At tsaka wala pong mangyaring terrorists attack. Lord, we charge your angels. Yan ang pinakamahalaga. Open their eyes and spiritual understanding, to the truth na mali ang kanilang ginagawa at kailangang madirect….In Jesus’name we pray. Amen.”

We then proceeded to singing of songs -in worship:

We do not have a guitar this day.

These are the numerous songs we sung:

  1. Times of refreshing Here in your presence 🎵 No greater blessing Than being with you 🎵 My soul is restored 🎵 My mind is renewed 🎵 There’s no greater joy, Lord 🎵 Than being with you – Lead by Ate Au. She just prayed for the group afterwards.
  2. 🎶 You are beautiful beyond description, Too marvelous for words 🎵 Too wonderful for comprehension..- Started by Ate Eda
  3. I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned 🎵 In awe of the one who gave it all .🎵 I’ll stand, my soul, Lord to you surrendered all I am is yours…🎶
  4. 🎵 I love you, Lord 🎵 And I lift my voice 🎵 To worship you, O my soul rejoice. 🎵 Take joy my King 🎵 In what you hear 🎵 May it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear. 🎶
  5. Come Holy Spirit, fall on my now 🎵 I need your anointing 🎵 come in your power 🎵 I love you, Holy Spirit, you’re captivating my soul 🎵 and everyday I grow to love you more 🎵🎵 I’m reaching for your heart 🎵 You hold my life in your hands 🎵 drawing me closer to you 🎵 I feel your power renewed 🎵 Nothing compares to this place 🎵 Where i can see you face to face 🎵 I worship you in spirit and in truth…- Lead by Elijah
  6. Holy Spirit you are welcome here 🎵 Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere 🎵 Your glory God is what our hearts long for 🎵 To be overcome by your presence, Lord 🎶 – Lead by Ate Cora
  7. The more I seek you 🎵 The more I find you 🎶 The more I find you 🎵 The more I love you 🎶 I wanna sit at your feet 🎵 Drink from the cup in your hand 🎵 Lay back against you and breathe 🎵 Feel your heartbeat 🎵 This love is so deep 🎵 It’s more than i can stand 🎵 I melt in your peace 🎵 It’s overwhelming 🎶 – Lead by Khaye Anne
  8. 🎵 All I want is just to know your heart and would you keep me here until were one…🎶
  9. My soul sings 🎵 My soul sings 🎵 My soul sings 🎵 How I love you 🎶

Ate Myles prayed a short prayer, then we greeted each other:

” God loves you! May the peace of God be with you always! Shabbat Shalom!” 

What happened next is an anointing. We all lined-up, as instructed by the Holy Spirit. Elders first. Diego was first among the students and Cyril was last.

Ate Myles prayed for Ate Yollie and Kuya Joe:

” Lord, we release your blessing. Let there be…wisdom, double-portion of anointing. Let there be rejoicing in their spirit, and may they see the harvest, the fruit of their hands. So Lord, continually bless them O God, in all the things that they need physically, spiritually O Father. Thank you so much that you have given us leaders O God. Lord, thank you for Kuya Joe. for Ate Yollie, even for TJ and Joshua and Elijah. Thank you, Lord for this family. Lord, embrace them O God with a full blast of blessing that is coming from your throne o Father. Thank you, in Jesus’ name. Amen!” 

Ate Yollie: One last song of rejoicing sa Lord!

Ate Au lead: Shout to the Lord all the earth let us sing 🎵 Power and majesty praise to the King! 🎵 Mountains bow down and the sea will roar at the sound of your name. 🎵 I sing for joy at the work of your hand 🎵 Forever, I love you! Forever I’ll stand🎵 Nothing conpares to the promise I have in you 🎶

Ate Myles prayed: “Lord, we seal all the prayers, and all pronounced blessings, the giftings, the promises you have given to each one of us. Let it not be taken by the enemy but by the blood of Jesus, seal it O Father. Father, we rejoice in your goodness, we claim all of this, claim it O God, and it will come to pass. I even pray Lord, dun sa food na kakainin. Maging strength po ito ng katawan namin, at pagpalain mo po ng todo todo ang nagprepare nito. We give you glory. We give you praise, O God. Thank you for your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen”

We then partake of the meal. Ate Yollie ordered a pizza. I did prepare a rice meal.

Sharing started as soon as everyone is settled.

I started the sharing, followed by Diego. He mentioned John 15 about bearing fruit – the fruits of the Holy Spirit. My wife, for the first time, sang songs for the glory of the Lord! Scripture Song Isaiah 43:1-3. She also mentioned Luke 13 about a woman who was set free from her infirmity. Diego mentioned Galatians 5:22. Ate Au shared the healing on her leg pain. Jthan mentioned something about new things – about looking forward to every shabbat now. Ate Yollie mentioned something about the Taste of Paradise. I related how I saw everybody looked like a candle with the flame for our head. Ate Cora shared something about Cyril’s gift, a small harp! Ate Yollie talked about the youth being unleashed during the last CLSF Worker’s Camp. Diane shared a verse from her quiet time: 1 John 3:10 and John 1:39. Kim shared about his struggle on his quiet time. He also said that we Should establish ourselves in the Word of the Lord. Kuya Joe closed the shabbat with a prayer.

All glory to God, the Almighty!

by Mar Marilag 01/12/2017




Shabbat Night To Remember

It was an extraordinary Friday night.

I would normally get home past 6:30pm coming from work at 5:00pm. This night, I am already home more than 10 minutes before 6:00pm. The road seemed to open up. I already knew the direction of this night since morning. I have a very nice expectation. But then the Lord’s ways is very much above our ways. I had to make sure the floor is very clean. I had to send an instruction to leave the shoes near the door.

By past 7:00pm, the Shabbat Dinner meal started. It’s a series of spoken prayers and blessings to all present. I made an entry during the blessings of the children. What we have in this group are spiritual children of the Leaders.

The Lord gave His direction. His very own Word.

Numbers 11:23 New American Standard 1977

And the LORD said to Moses, “Is the LORD’S power limited? Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you or not.”

The version I used is worded as follows: The Living Bible

“When did I become weak?”

I asked the group as the Lord would. The Lord is asking them: “Meron bang mahirap sa akin? Mayroon ba akong hindi magagawa?

After these very powerful words from the Lord, Ate Yollie told a story about Father’s love…and then an outpouring of God’s love for each other as we greet ‘Shabbat Shalom – may the peace of God be with you always’.

It was a totally different greeting of peace…

Then, the flow moved to worship, instead of the meal.

(one of the few chances I was lead to take a picture)

The given song was from Ate Yollie. O Come All Ye Faithful. Form there, we flowed…sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to sing.

There was even some pure revelation on the meaning of the words of a song.

Then, the Lord’s presence engulfed us. The mighty move of God is very much apparent. It was a free-flowing worship to our God. And the Lord’s glory manifests…

I saw the covering wall of fire interconnecting each person in the room – and a candle-like fire on each head. We were simply flowing in the worship of our God. Freely expressing our love to Him who graced us with His Holy presence.

  • 2 Corinthians 3:17 New Living Translation
    For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

It was really an extraordinary Friday. We normally end a Shabbat Dinner – including the worship – in an hour or even less. But this one, took a very special long time. Not that it concerns us. What is really more important is the soaking in the Lord’s presence. We ended the worship a few minutes before 9:30pm and the meal after at 10:30pm. There was an spontaneous sharing of experiences. God be glorified!

  • Psalm 89:15 New Living Translation
    Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, LORD.

Indeed, these people present were called – and responded to the call.

  • Bernard shared that we are reminded to pray…pray…pray. He related the experience they had on the 1st Tindig.Na ‘panghawakan nyo yung experience nyo sa GIA
  • I followed. I have to tell them what I saw that they may be edified. We were all covered in huge blinding light. Surrounding all of us, is a wall of fire – inter-connecting on each head, and showing a candle-like fire on each head. It was an awesome sight. It was a glorious presence. The King of glory entered and we were all covered in His glory.
  • My wife Cora shared a touching story from a book.That God is a sovereign Lord…He is in control. She also saw Arrows. Nagbabagang arrows. She also told the group ‘na.dedelight ang Lord sa pagworship nyo
  • Khaye Anne started. She related how the Word of Number 11:23 made an impact to her. She also shared about the first time she felt ‘nawala kayong lahat’. Her message was to “Fix our eyes on the Lord”...that whatever situation we are to face we are untouchable in the presence of God.She reference Exodus 13:25
  • Kim, for the first time, had a vision. 2 visions! He said that “we are really in the process” referring to their group. “Continue what we have started.” He also referenced 2 Tim 2:21
  • I interjected: Hindi pare-pareho ang gifts ni Lord sa bawat tao.
  • Kuya Eli: We are one body of many parts. Di ka dapat maintimidate. We are created in His image. Pursue natin ang gifts sa atin.
  • I interjected: God is a God of Order. Our worship – we are a sweet smelling aroma.Nilalanghap nya ang aroma na ito ng worship. The Bible is the Word, and the Word is God. See John 1:1
  • Ate Yollie: Re the vision that Ate Cora saw – a jar of water being poured on us. “Love is like a liquid that is being poured on us on our head…and that love is melting everything inside us“.
  • Ate Cora: A broken spirit, and a contrite heart, you will not despise.”Minsan down ka, open mo heart mo kay Lord. Na anuman ang every black or dark spot sa heart mo, tunawin ito. The Lord is good. He respond kung ano man ang situation mo.”
  • Ate Yollie: With regards sa gift, alam mo bang di ako nakakakita ng vision? impression lang tsaka nakakarinig. Pero walang vision. Bihirang bihira. Yang gifts, depende yan sa Lord. Kung ano binigay sayo, dun ka mag.excel. It will not make you a less of a Christian kung di ka nakakakita o di ka nakakarinig.
  • Kuya Eli mentioned 1 Corinthians 13.
  • Ate Yollie: “Ang gifts magpupush yan ng yabang sayo kung di mo sasabayan ng character development – dun papasok ang love na nadedevelop sayo.” Kailangan balanse ka ng love at tsaka ng gifts.
  • Richard shared being taken to outer space. He even saw the stars. But the message to him is that his worries are but specks of dust compared to God’s plan in his life. He also saw the group in the throne-room. He saw the light in the hearts of each one. That the light glows more as the worship continue. He was reminded to see all that happened in his life – all that was given by God as a blessing to him.
  • Elijah felt the heat of the fire. He shared Romans 8:1 as a reference when it comes to chains or strongholds that binds us. “Re unholy alliances – cut it off
  • Ate Yollie interjected: wag magpapa-late sa worship
  • Diego shared what he felt. He said that the warmth or the heat from the wall of fire is from the Lord’s embrace. When the Lord came, He embraced each of those present during worship. “Isa-isang binigay para mabuo ang wall of fire”. “He released the glory to all of us. As he released His glory, yung spirit of wickedness, hardness of heart, dark clouds, evil spirit – natunaw.” He also mentioned how the words of Numbers 11:23 reminded him na walang impossible sa Lord. “Hindi dapat ma.break itong bond na ito kasi yung nabuo na wall dapat magsamasama pa rin…sa lahat ng na.eencounter natin. One thing, we should not take this for granted – itong annointing of love. Dapat bukas ganun pa din ang level ng love natin”. Stay on the path of light.
  • Ate Yollie: Love casts out all fear. Love covers a multitude of sins!
  • Jthan shared about the heat. ” mainit, promise!” He wanted to join the group on the floor (when everybody kneeled and prostrated) but he can’t jut stop playing the guitar. But when he did let go of the guitar – the worship moved to an even higher worship – in spirit. He shared how they as a group, leveled-up the way they worship. 
  • Kuya Eli: Keep the fire burning.
  • Bernard: Sobrang sarap sa presence ng Lord
  • Glyzel: During the worship song ‘You are Worthy of it all’ – She felt ‘na ako ang gagamitin nyang instrument para buong family ko’
  • Cecille: “Ang blessed ng batch namin – naging part kami ng Tindig.Umabot ako sa part na ito dahil sa pagsave sa akin ni Lord” Anywhere pala, pwede mangyari ang open-heaven.
  • Justine:”Buong worship, my heart was filled with an attitude of gratitude.” He related how great our God is for using Ate Au. “God has been so good to me that He surrounds me with His love
  • Psalm 16:11 TEV. You will show me the path that leads to life; your presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure forever.
  • Psalm 90:8 TEV. You place our sins before you, our secret sins where you can see them.
  •  Acts 2:28 TEV. You have shown me the paths that lead to life, and your presence will fill me with joy.

The sharing was so freely moving that after each sharing, the elders would give some words. This is important for better understanding. This is where the experience of the elders come handy. This is where the new ones learn something new!

A few days after, my wife Cora confirmed the exact look of the wall of fire, the candle-like fire on each head, and the position of the people present. Wow! How wonderful and awesome is our God? This is a mighty work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit allowed my wife to see exactly what I saw.

I closed  the shabbat with a few words and a prayer.

Dinner Meal is well deserved at this time of the night – after a couple of hours in the presence of the living God.

  • Galatians 5:13 New Living Translation
    For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.

Indeed, all glory to God who loves us all with a great love! There is none like the Lord in all the earth. He is God. He is Lord. Let us allow Him to rule and reign in our hearts, our mind, and our lives.

by Mar Marilag 01/05/2017

…and we didnt get to have a picture of the group after meal. 😇