Great Improvement

Last year, I made a plan to make this year a year of breaking records and PRs. So far, I have beaten myself in a couple of races now.

Last April 26, 2015, my first race for this year, I was able to run a new personal best on a 42K. Of course, almost all distances below except 10K was a PR.

The following month, May, I joined a 10K fun run in Pasig. Again, I was able to beat my own PR. I was so happy with the result of my erratic training. Low mileage yet effective workouts. With or without sleep doesn’t matter.

Again, last June 14, 2015, I joined PAL’s Manila Marathon. Such prestige in the name but was a poorly managed race. We started by a countdown. Not a single tarp to say we are in what event and where exactly is the start. First water station is at KM 1 followed by the next one in KM 7. Tough race indeed! But, wait, there’s more! Since this is a 2 loop route, we already know the distance after the first. See my snap-shot below.


See! First full loop is only 16.2 x 2…and they added another small 5K loop after the 2nd Loop … For at least 37.4K. Add some more to the finish line and this will only give you a 38K distance. See below.


Sad to say, despite my faster time than last time, no new PR.


Some minor few, though. It’s a sure new record for me if this was only a 42K.


Anyways, I already have exceeded my own expectation. Once again, I have proven to myself how effective my methods of training is. Careful note must also be made that I have not added any strengthening workouts like I would when preparing for an ultra. It’s bound to happen soon though.

If ever, by MILO race day on July, I just might run a new best time…but its still tentative. What’s important now is to rest and recover well for the next hard workouts. Small minute details do take care of the big events. ๐Ÿ™‚

All thanks and praise be to our Lord God Almighty!


Literally Uped

For about 14 years, I was working and reporting to work in the 28th floor. I already memorized Manila’s Skyline from all sides of the NEWS ( north, east, west, south). I’m so used to the design that I can walk without worry even on blind turns. But all’s changed now. This day, the 16th of May 2015…we transfered to the 32nd Floor! Better view, I think! Same skyline…but from a bit different angle. I really think it’s worth writing about.

All thanks and praise be to the Lord God Almighty!

First Race of the Year 2015

April 24, 2015
I was looking for a 21K race bib at least for the past few days. I was already ready to settle for a 10K when I saw a post of a runner who can’t make it on the run. No hesitation. No doubt. I messaged the owner of a 42K bib for the National Geographic Channel Race.

It was already late in the evening. I was watching full game NBA highlights of the playoffs until past midnight.

I just can’t sleep. This has been going on for weeks now. Even a 2K jog will keep me awake till morning.

I tried to just relax in bed. Watching my wife and kids sleep.

Near 5am, April 25, 2015, I received a reply from the owner of the 42K bib. I’m just glad. I agreed to meet her at U.P.

I took a jeep to Taft, and another jeep to Quezon Ave. From there, I took a bus to Philcoa. Started jogging from Jollibee to UP oval. At km 2.6, I was approach by a lady. There, the bib!

It was a short chat. I hurriedly go back to Philcoa while unaware that my garmin stopped. Lost at least 1.5K there. Anyways, I was so sleepy on the way back home.   


After lunch, I fell asleep. Finally. Hahaha

By 8pm, April 25, 2015, I woke up and get up for dinner. Prepared my stuff. At 11:30pm, I am already out and on the road to MOA.

I walked from Libertad-Harrison to MoA. Proceeded to the 7-11 at Bayside and have my dose of Mochaccino.


A past 1am, April 26, 2015, I checked in my bag, went to the starting line and jogged to warm-up. After my warm-up, I have decided to go for a sub-5-hour marathon. An official PR, if ever.

2:00am, April 26, 2015, gun start. I started at my sub-7-minute pace. Hoping to maintain the same until I finished…knowing that I will be running faster after 5K and will slow down at KM 30. Of course, this is not my first marathon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I clocked a flat 60 minutes on the first 10K. A bit faster than planned. I guess I’d maintain. By Km 21, I clocked at 2 hours 12 minutes. Indeed, a sub 5 in the making. But by KM 22, I started to struggle. Felt sluggish and tired and sleepy and hungry. I relied on nothing but the pocari sweat and water on the road. I guess I’d just go for a 2-hour-48-minute 2nd half marathon to get my sub-5. Always trying my best to maintain a 7-minute pace per kilometer, at least.

Then, I was reduced to walking. Up Buendia-Kalayaan Flyover, and again, the stretch to Bayani Road.

I also noticed that there’s something wrong with the route. We go further at Km 26, when its supposed to be the U-turn. I moved on and ignored the thought.

At 5:45am, I was at Km 30. Last 12K.


I took a screenshot of my recorder. Indeed, a long route compared to the markers visible on the road. It was already a clear morning. I got excited given the time I have.

My mind flew at every KM I covered on the last 10K. So, I thought. Entering CCP, where we converged with the huge crowd of 5, 10 and 21K runners, I got more excited. At the last 2K marker, I walked. Since the crowd was so big and I can still get a sub-5 with just 2K left even if I jog and walk. But to my surprise, we had to turn left at Diokno, and go to the other end of Seaside Blvd! Oh no! This is indeed a longer route than 42.195. I checked on my record and its a whopping 43.9K and I am not yet in Seaside. Goodbye PR. I maintained a pace for a 5-hour finish.

Anyways, I ran more and faster when I thought I was at the last 1K only to run longer. Hahaha. There. I didn’t walk nor stop in the last stretch to Seaside and up to the finish line. As we draw near to finish, many runners now know that its a long marathon.

I crossed the finish line at 5:09:35 in the overhead timer. I immediately stopped my recorder. See the log.



Still managed a good PR on my Strava Recorder. Mileage of March 2015 paid off.

It was a good race. A good time trial for the big MILO qualifying race.

Now I have something to start with and asses.

All thanks and praise and glory be to God, our Father!





He used to be a cheerful kid.

Smart and always at the pink of his health.

Joyful and fun to be with.

Until one day…

He starts pocketing money.

He starts selling bottles and things to a junk shop.

He stole his mother’s wedding ring and have someone pawn it for him.

He starts inventing unbelievable stories about his parents.

He became so resentful…

Such a waste of life. He seemed dead while still living.

He never lost his appetite … be he stopped being thankful.

He simply became unbelievable.

He never runs out of a lie.

You will never know the truth, if any, in his lies.


Last month, I was able to log a good mileage of more than 200 kms. I intend to do more this month. I was really looking forward to it. However, my work schedule last month is graveyard. I can run after work. I can still run before going to work or in the afternoon. This month, with the change of schedule from graveyard to midshift, I can only do as much…for one big reason –


SleepyFunny as it may seem, but it is the main reason. It is already the 10th of April and my mileage should have been at 100 kms. Sad to say, I am still below 60 kms, and the run is not daily.

Anyways, we can only accept how things are the way they develop.

It’s still not the end of the world.

Think positive!

Leave the best of the future in the hands of the Lord! ๐Ÿ™‚


Yes, please be.

If you are in the arts and is already out of creativity, go out and see new things. You just might stumble on a piece that could inspire you.

This happens a lot to me.

I have lots of interests, of course.

I am an avid fan of colored pencil drawings. Seeing how others do it the way I haven’t done before can really inspire me to find my pencils and start drawing too. But yes, no one has seen my pieces yet. lol

Same goes with running. I’m someone you can consider a veteran…but I have an attitude of a newbie. I am open to new ideas, methods and approaches that I think MIGHT actually work. Reading stories of successful runners can inspire me a lot.

I am also an aspiring writer. It’s always been a dream for me. Someday, maybe.

Looking forward to that great inspiration for writing to come.

One day!

This is my Ramen

The soup stock is all beef bones and cartilages. Boiled for many hours in salt, Kikkoman, garlic, kintsay and spring onions.

The noodles is one brand of miki.

I added nothing but Baguio Petchay. Not for anything but for its texture.

Wife seldom say this, but this time, she admitted that this one is delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‰


The finished product.


Noodles, Veggies and Beef slices.


The soup base. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks be to God! This soup goes well with a lot of things! Even with Fried Chicken and Crispy Chicken Skin!

Put Some Effort

I was out very early on this Sunday morning. I started at 3:40am. Lots of people in Luneta…but they’re not runners or walkers. Either they spent the night there or they are the ones who literally live in that place. By the time I was circling around Grandstand, there’s already a big crowd of walkers, joggers and runners. After 11kms there, I proceeded to CCP/PiCc. Good thing though, there’s a race and Roxas Blvd is closed to all types of vehicles. I was able to maintain my pace. As usual, the CCP ramp is loaded with walkers and joggers, while the road is filled with walking racers. Pathetic as it is, its reality. These are the people who can afford to register for a race to walk. I am not here to belittle them. What I’m saying is that, its their choice – not a wise one. The crowd of non-racers I was running with along PICC moves a lot faster than the racers I saw. Its a moving reality. They’re not training to race, but jogging and walking their way to the finish. Its not supposed to be that way, but that’s how it is.

As I took the road to home, I came across a bunch of bikers with their expensive bikes. Some with Fully Bright Lamps…at a time when the sun is almost shining. lol.

You can also see the obvious habit of biking nonchalantly to anywhere. What the…its supposed to be a trip to somewhere with some effort to raise the heart rate and expend a lot of sweat! Anyways, its not my expensive bike. I am not wearing the expensive gear they have. I am just an observer.

So I ate at the nearest Tapsihan where I Finished my run of 21K. Yummy!


I also had a Hot Choco at McDo while my son ate his chicken fillet.


The run itself was nice. I was able to maintain my easy pace average while mixing the 2nd 5K with speeds.


All praise and glory be to God for this beautiful day!