Ang Otor / THE Author


374363_573767942644724_86006392_nmy most recent picture

The author is an ultrarunner, a peak-bagger, a running coach, and a runner with a passion – for running! ๐Ÿ™‚

You will see all my runs here

My long distance runs here

I also blog for event, and product reviews (race & shoes!)

I am a big supporter of charity runs and the likes.

I have a very wide network of friends in the running, blogging, aqua-hiking-mountaineering-orienteering community.



  • mahilig lang magsulat – blogger
  • mahilig tumakbo – ultrarunner/marathoner
  • mahilig sa bundok – peak-bagger/trekker/mountaineer
  • mahilig sa pork – pork steak or pork chop

mga WALA

  • walang bagang
  • walang wallet
  • walang credit card – at nagkaroon!


  • 3 anak
  • 1 magandang asawa
  • wedding ring – at nanakaw!

IBA pa

  • katolikong na-born again in spirit – born-again Christian na! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • empleyado ng gobyerno
  • ordinaring ordinari


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