3 WEEKS more…

and it’s race day for the aspirants of the BDM 102K Ultramarathon.

Nope, I am not running this time. No BDM for me, this year, but – I am supporting a good friend –

Ronald SP Robles

(click on the name to see his old featured-profile)

We already have a complete crew. We already have taken up almost everything important he needs to know about the race. All that’s left for him to do is run on race day.

While I do not meddle in his own training- i I do believe he can easily do this. We’ve done Mayon 360 together. That’s enough a good gauge to forecast how he will do in the longer one.

3 weeks before race day is the most important of all days for a newbie runner in this category. 102K is not that easy – but it is really THAT easy for someone who has done it more than twice. A runner MUST know what to do, and must have prepared so well – heart, mind and body – for this feat.

Neglect to do what needs to be done – and you’d be left with fate alone to determine how you would finish.

It’s not just a show of brute force but more of a parade of good strategies.

Anyways – let me not spoil your excitement.

Let your own experience of it be your own teacher.

In the end – right there at the finish line – you’d find the truth about it.

It is a journey. Some people are just blessed to have good guides. 🙂

God bless you all!