Feeling newbie. πŸ™‚

I have been to a lot of places. This one is what I have been dreaming to try.

So it’s my first time. This route from KM 35 near Jollibee, Tanza, Cavite to KM 65 – the DENR registration area for climbers of Mount Palay-Palay aka PICO de LORO.

Looking back at the invite – what was written was Chika Run. But looking at the personalities behind the run – I knew it will be a fast one. πŸ™‚

I left home early just to be sure that I get there before anyone else does. I don’t know how long the trip will be – but I don’t mind being early.

@1:06am, I am already in Heritage-Tulay. Fare from home is 8.00 and 11.00 pesos.

@1:10am, I boarded the jeepney to SM Bacoor. I paid P 18.00

@1:34am, I am already @ the 7-11 opposite SM Bacoor.

Tambay ng konti. πŸ™‚

@1:41am, I boarded a jeepney to Tanza. I expect to be at Jollibee by 2:10am. I paid P 20.00

@2:11am, I am at Jollibee Tanza. I ordered the only breakfast meal available other than the hotdog : LONGGANISA rice. Paid P 89.00 for this. The HOT choco is not hot. It’s not even close to warm. But my mind is too busy to complain. I’m a bit sleepy that I forgot to withdraw cash. (You will find out later why).

Runners started coming.


a number of runners
a number of runners

It doesn’t take a skyrocket genius to know that this group is fast. πŸ™‚ They’re all geared up so light.


The route was a bit dark from Tanza. I can’t recognize anything except for the blinding lights of the coming vehicles. It was drizzling a bit when we started. The road is already wet and there are minor potholes to dodge already. πŸ™‚

By the time we reached the Uniwide Sales property – the groups’ lead shouted out to the rest for a group picture. Stretched a bit too.


The pace was a good 7 to 7.5K per hour. A good pace for a big group.

I stopped before this at a store somewhere. Bought a green Cobra and a 350 ml mineral water. I paid P 22.00


where we met Jeff
where we met Jeff (the one in Condura shirt

Others reloaded here. After a brief chat, we hit the left side of the road again.

The pace from this point is at 6.6 to 7.2Kms per hour.

check out the road's stretch
check out the road’s stretch


Maragondon Arc
Maragondon Arc

I stopped at a nearby store and found nothing but YAKULT for a drink. I paid P 9.00

From this point, we employed (for a while! LOLS) a good 4:1 protocol. It was a sight to see runners moving in one direction.


Finally...the smell close to the finish
Finally…the smell close to the finish

The group re-grouped here. Re-loaded. Chat.

I bought a Quake something and a small bottle of royal here. I paid 17 pesos. This is KM 19.5 (half-way to the target!)

Then my apps (MAVERICK) suddenly hanged. The time was moving. Distance and Average Pace stucked. Nah.

Another few kilometer and I bought another green Cobra and a 500ml of water before the Bridge where the group stops. This is already 7:41am. I paid P 25.00

FIFTH STOP: (picture!)



Off we go now to a slow climb.

last stop before the ascent
last stop before the ascent

At a store opposite this view, I bought a blue Gatorade for myself. I paid P 12.00. I still have a 500ml water in my other hand.


Welcome to the Ascending road. πŸ™‚ This is where the run starts. The fun started from the start. LOLs

nope, my head didn't fell off
nope, my head didn’t fell off



prep for the big run
prep for the big run



It’s a challenging one. I like it a lot…no, I love it! I attacked it with all my heart and felt so nice!

thinking. Hmp! Let’s see!
boys chasing the girl
boys chasing the girl
Thanks for the shot Bajorky!
Thanks for the shot Bajorky!


no, it's not an accident :) It's Bajorky lying on the road
no, it’s not an accident πŸ™‚
It’s Bajorky lying on the road
I did some ups before stretching a bit
I did some ups before stretching a bit

It’s also the last time I saw my water. LOLS. It’s gone when I started moving.

We still have a lot of kilometers to go.

I tried to maintain a fast walk over the rolling hills. Felt so nice running at a good pace and enjoying the fresh smell of the route.

By the time I reached the DENR, Israel, Richard and Paul is already there.

I bought a water and a gatorade (at a gold’s price). I paid P 75.00 for it! …and this is where it got nasty. That was my last! I brought only P 300 and some loose coins in my measly pocket and forgot to withdraw additional cash. I already spent P 231.00 before this purchase. That is already a total of P 306.00

We have to go back. This is where the group stops. We need to pay for a tricycle going back.

Bajorky offered a P 40.00 to add to my coins. Kindhearted guy.

Jef and Daisy paid for my bus. Kindhearted people.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Israel, AJ’s one and only, Paul, Enrique, Dexter, AJ, Ploi, Randy, Richard, Johanna, Bajorky,Jef, Daisy, Eli, ME



While waiting for Jeff and Jen. πŸ™‚


Those C like hand-sign means CAVITE


We will definitely meet again.
We will definitely meet again. Very very soon!

To God be the highest glory!

For the safe trip, for the run, for the fun, and for the great time.




1,427 above sea level.

Flat on the first 9K

Very steep ascent in the next 5K, and then a rolling hills up to the next 16K.

Another rugged ascent in the next 10K, then rolls again for the last 10K.

Hmmm…I love the details of this one.


If it gets too sunny or it rains too hard – I hope not.

If the weather gets too good – it will be a fine race for me.



  1. 1st 9K – run
  2. 2nd 5K – walk
  3. 3rd 16K – 4:1 run walk
  4. 4th 10K – 3:1 run walk
  5. 5th 10K – 6:1 run walk to finish

Week #1


So far, I like this week.

The runs are a bit consistent and the pacing is not very taxing.

Monday and Tuesday are both CONTINUOUS and NO DRINKS until I stop.

Thursday and Saturday are both a 2:1 run with NO DRINKS.

Sunday is a 2K 2:1 jog:walk until I sprinted the next 5.5K. The pacing was a bit nice and fast considering tht I came from a 12-hour work shift.

Now I am looking forward for the next.

I’m also hoping to get a different route other than this week’s PACO-MALATE-CCP-MOA. πŸ™‚

Praise be to God!

What Options?

It’s already the 3rd month of the year.

NO marathon nor ultramarathon yet for me. It’s a bit uneasy and unbelievable given the fact that I have ran a BDM event since 2010.

Flash Back!


a few meters to the finish line. a sprint for me…


With THE Baldrunner

(see link below for the story, then)

2nd BDM 102k 2010


1st BDM 160K 2011


Part 1 2012 2nd BDM 160K

Part 2 2012 2nd BDM 160K

Going back to the present moment – here I am, wishing I could run another 1…well, 2 for a grandslam to be exact. It will not be an easy task but then I also think that it will not be difficult at all. I will prepare well – and that is just 1/3 of what is needed:

  1. Training Preparation
  2. Registration
  3. Logistics

No proper training and preparation – NO run.

No registration – No run.

No logistics, i.e., support car, crew, supplies – No run!

What else must be considered? The meat of the registration and logistics part – CASH!

I can train well and proper given a small area for training ground. But with no cash to spare for #2 & #3, i’d be reduced to an spectator and crew again. LOLS. Too sad a thought.

I’d rather not beg like I did before but I will just wait for someone to sponsor me. πŸ˜›

(praying that my sponsors from before will come back and sponsor me again)

(mind you, I really don’t mind begging from person to person if I have to) πŸ™‚

Else, what options do I have?

I don’t even have the answer to that now.

Funny, yes.

Sad too.

Yeah, I got my mind for 2014 already – just a few days after the 5th BDM 102K have ended. Preparation is everything, you know.

It is indeed too early – but I can’t risk being too late.

(Shout-out to all my friends!)

Ligaya Drive Revisited

I can’t really remember when the last time was. I dare not check and find out. All I did was take with me the memory of the last.


See the mapped details via My Tracks : 17.32 kms in 3 hours 10 minutes and 44 seconds.

Map is best viewed @ Terrain for you to appreciate the elevation of the route.

At past 4 am we touched-down at Olivarez Plaza in Tagaytay. Went to McDo for breakfast before the run. About 5.02am, we started moving. Walk first.

didnt rest to stop until we reach this

The RUNTASTIC details of the first 7K of the run before u-turn @ KM7.4 is as follows:

1st km in 10 minutes 20 seconds @ speed of 5.8 kph

2nd km in 7 minutes 21 seconds @ speed of 8.1 kph

3rd km in 7 minutes 18 seconds @ speed of 8.2 kph

4th km in 7 minutes 9 seconds @ speed of 8.4 kph

5th km in 7 minutes 10 seconds @ speed of 8.4 kph

6th km in 7 minutes 30 seconds @ speed of 8.0 kph

7th km in 7 minutes 40 seconds @ speed of 7.8 kph

Most of the stop within this 7K is because of a chasing dog. Of course, we are not afraid of them. But to shoo them away, you have to stop first and face them. There was 1 particular moment when the dog chased and we we’re just at a cruising pace. Sakit sa legs mag.stop and turn to face the dog.

I wish i could link the elevation details here per My Tracks. Until I find out how, I’d just report it in figures.



ELEVATION GAIN = 1,224 meters

We started to dip from KM 4 until the U-turn. Anyways, just view the pictures of the route from my Android and that of Daphne‘s.

view from below (shhh) <we ran this one all the way to that small house>

Yes…we climb back to that “upper” horizon.

“breather” shot by Daphne

one the many bends going up
kakahingal. Ang lakas ba naman ng kasama ko…

1st and last pitstop @ a bakery. KM 13 of the route.

All the above picture are taken on our way back to where we started. All via my Android FX Camera.

Pictures below are some of the few we took via Instagram on our way to the U-turn.

Welcome to Talisay
@ Laeuna Taal ?

So, paano pumunta sa Tagaytay? Alam mo na yan. At pag nandun ka na, sadyain mo na rin ang Ligaya Drive.

Mula SM Bacoor to Olivarez Plaza, P 45.00 lang kung ordinary bus. P 60.00 naman kung aircon.

P 23.00 naman ang jeep mula Heritage-Tulay hanggang SM Bacoor.

Aircon bus from Olivarez Plaza to Pedro Gil is P 87.00.

Paano pumunta ng Legazpi City, Albay?

Maraming paraan.

Β©mar marilag

waiver: all informations are sourced from the net, friends and directly from reliable travellers.

Isa-isahin natin:

As of this writing, PNR from Tutuban travels up to Ligao City, Albay only.

Click to Enlarge

  • pasay to legazpi city
  • cubao to legazpi city
  • manila to legazpi city


  • carpool, that is.
  • you hold the time literally
  • cheaper by the dozen (for a van with the same seating capacity)
  • comfortable if leg room is spared of the baggages

Costs will depend on how many will be sharing.

  • the fastest way to go and leave
  • about P 1,777.00 inclusive of fuel surcharge, tax, and service fee – via airphilexpress
  • P 1,790.88 – via Cebu Pacific

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Father Amado Picardal?

See here:

Was able to join one of his journey to Bulacan from Baclaran. Tough indeed and very strong. God bless him!