Self Support Running

Come Sunday,

the 16th of June, I will be running a 50K Ultramarathon from Sta Cruz, Laguna to Lucban, Quezon (L2Q) – on self-support.

Such feat is not for everybody.

It’s only for the experienced and the ones who are up to get the experience. 🙂

I’ve done this already. In T2N 50K, and Fort Magsaysay 60K. It’s a big bonus already when you get to be of the same pace with someone supported and willing to share supplies.

…and that’s how ultramarathon is. People share. People care.

If they don’t? Pray to God that there’d be lots of sari-sari store along the route.

L2Q is a new route. No one has ever blogged about it nor reconned the route and shouted. Given that there’d be convenience or sari-sari store along the route, we still can’t tell how far each is to one another.

A runner must rely on what is carried – which is a must.

At least bring some and conserve until stores are found.

Ok. Let’s rephrase. Since I will be running on self-support, this is exactly how I will do it.

  • BRING WHAT I NEED. At least a supply enough to carry me above 10K. Hoping that before or after 10K mark, there’d be some stores to buy something, an aid station that has something to offer, or some angels to aid me. 🙂 NOTE: From Sta. Cruz Capitol to Pagsanjan Municipal Hall is about 5K only. So the 1st 5K is not a problem.
  • CARRY ONLY THE LIGHTEST. OF course, one cannot sustain a heavy load over a long distance. It has to be just enough to be something bearable. NOTE: From Pagsanjan Municipal Hall to Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road is only 3.3K. There’s a Public Market before the fork – it’s wise to re-load there and carry a bit more.
  • BE TOUGH. MIND AND BODY. Carry on and focus on the run. My strategy is to execute my training : a 10:1 run walk – except for the steepest ascent. NOTE: From the Fork to STI College near Caliraya Recreation is 7.1kms. This is already in LUMBAN. It’s a bearable jungle of you, the view and the road. At this point, I already have covered 15.4Kms of the entire route. The longest ascent is at KM 9 to 14 – which is most likely to be a walk. This is also where the walking-picnic happens. 🙂 LOLS
  • FREE YOUR MIND – PRAY. When I run, I do not entertain negative thoughts. Rather, I pray a lot. There’s nothing better than this. Me and my God on a very long chat! NOTE: From Lumban’s STI College, there’d be a community in the next 4.9 to 5.2K of the route. This is already past the KM 20 of the race. Still, a safe race in terms of supplies.The BIble says in Hebrews 13:5: New International Version (©2011) Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” No worries, right?
  • CAREFUL NOTE: The next 5K from the KM 20 of the route is a bit similar to the last. Pray that the small community at this point has something to offer for the passing runners. 🙂 An ice-cold JUICY LEMON or an RC perhaps?
  • ENDURE. The next 5 to 6K of the route is another jungle. I need to endure and rely on my supplies at this point until I reach Cavinti-Luisiana Road. Joseph Prince Baltazar should be at this point. 🙂 LOLS with rice meal on hand! This is now KM 31 to 32K.
  • POINT OF NO RETURN. I will not surrender, of course. This point is where no one should consider tapping out. It’s 18K more to the Finish Line. FINISH LINE matters here. Not the MORE. 🙂 (gets?)
  • HOPE ALWAYS FOR THE BEST. RELY ON GOD. The next 5K is a jungle again. But there’s a number of small communities along the route. God will provide. This should be KM 37 of the entire route.
  • READY FOR THE FEAST. The next 5 to 6K is in Luisiana already. It’s a crowded place. There ought to be a lot of vendors there – for me to feast on. This is KM 42 to 43. Last jungle stretch to the FINISH. I should be burping and smiling at this point.
  • AGAIN, do not lose focus here. Last stretch to the finish must be endured. I will have to rely again on what I am carrying before the Finish Line in Lucban. I should be light at this point too because I am sure that I am already running at a fast pace. But then, caution on too much confidence. We can never tell the weather.

My 10:1 Run Walk can do this. All I have to do is just to vary the pace.

1 – 9 = flat

10 – 14 = ascending

15 – 50 = rolling hills

See you on Sunday!






Ligaya Drive Revisited

I can’t really remember when the last time was. I dare not check and find out. All I did was take with me the memory of the last.


See the mapped details via My Tracks : 17.32 kms in 3 hours 10 minutes and 44 seconds.

Map is best viewed @ Terrain for you to appreciate the elevation of the route.

At past 4 am we touched-down at Olivarez Plaza in Tagaytay. Went to McDo for breakfast before the run. About 5.02am, we started moving. Walk first.

didnt rest to stop until we reach this

The RUNTASTIC details of the first 7K of the run before u-turn @ KM7.4 is as follows:

1st km in 10 minutes 20 seconds @ speed of 5.8 kph

2nd km in 7 minutes 21 seconds @ speed of 8.1 kph

3rd km in 7 minutes 18 seconds @ speed of 8.2 kph

4th km in 7 minutes 9 seconds @ speed of 8.4 kph

5th km in 7 minutes 10 seconds @ speed of 8.4 kph

6th km in 7 minutes 30 seconds @ speed of 8.0 kph

7th km in 7 minutes 40 seconds @ speed of 7.8 kph

Most of the stop within this 7K is because of a chasing dog. Of course, we are not afraid of them. But to shoo them away, you have to stop first and face them. There was 1 particular moment when the dog chased and we we’re just at a cruising pace. Sakit sa legs mag.stop and turn to face the dog.

I wish i could link the elevation details here per My Tracks. Until I find out how, I’d just report it in figures.



ELEVATION GAIN = 1,224 meters

We started to dip from KM 4 until the U-turn. Anyways, just view the pictures of the route from my Android and that of Daphne‘s.

view from below (shhh) <we ran this one all the way to that small house>

Yes…we climb back to that “upper” horizon.

“breather” shot by Daphne

one the many bends going up
kakahingal. Ang lakas ba naman ng kasama ko…

1st and last pitstop @ a bakery. KM 13 of the route.

All the above picture are taken on our way back to where we started. All via my Android FX Camera.

Pictures below are some of the few we took via Instagram on our way to the U-turn.

Welcome to Talisay
@ Laeuna Taal ?

So, paano pumunta sa Tagaytay? Alam mo na yan. At pag nandun ka na, sadyain mo na rin ang Ligaya Drive.

Mula SM Bacoor to Olivarez Plaza, P 45.00 lang kung ordinary bus. P 60.00 naman kung aircon.

P 23.00 naman ang jeep mula Heritage-Tulay hanggang SM Bacoor.

Aircon bus from Olivarez Plaza to Pedro Gil is P 87.00.

Paano pumunta ng Agwawan Beach

Saan yun? Tingnan ang mapa.

3:00am ang byahe ng bus papuntang Mariveles, Bataan. Avenida man o Cubao. Bago mag-ala-6 ng umaga, nandun kana – tamang-tama lang sa pagbubukas ng Jollibee, Mariveles. P 280.00 ang pamasahe to Mariveles. Avenida man o Cubao ka galing.

Mula Jollibee, pwede kang mag.tricycle to Agwawan. P 80.00 ang byahe. 5-kilometers lang siya mula sa Jollibee. Pwede nga rin daw mag.PITCH ng tent near the beach. Kaso, wala kang matinong C.R. 🙂

Pauwi, ganun din. Tricycle ka muna. Tapos, bus na mismo sa tapat ng Jollibee. (nakakarami na ng promotion ito ah!)

3 hours or less ang byahe mula Cubao or Avenida to Mariveles. Ganun din pabalik. Depende na lang kung may kakaibang traffic.

Ano meron sa Sampaloc Road?

Sampaloc Road is the venue of the starting line for PAU’s Tanay 50K.

Over a period of 2 years the place has changed a lot. I was there last 2010. I visited it again this day, the 23rd of March.

May Jollibee na. Sampaloc corner F.T. Catapusan. Tapat din ng Jollibee ay 7-11

About 870 meters from this intersection is the starting line. This is where the jeepneys to Crossings, Mandaluyong pass.
Post-Run favorites! Ice Cream and Chicken!
Pwede pa after the grueling race!
Unlimited Lamon?

F.T Catapusan to Manila East Rd corner Sampaloc is only 870 meters
Wasn't able to ask if 24-hours sila...for the pandesal. May cell # naman di ba?
End of the road is the destination.
The Target
Loads of bread may be found behind the cover...:) a few meters to the starting line.
View from Flying V, beside a small store.
From Corner Manila East and Sampaloc Rd to F.T. Catapusan Rd.

Fare from EDSA-Crossing to Tanay is P 53.00 pesos.

Travel time is about 2 hours to 2 hour and 30 minutes depending on the time, the type of driver (who waits for the passenger that never came, and how fast he drives)

The route to Tanay is a dry view of Urbanity. Expect a lot of smokes, lots of tricycles, and narrow road.

The part going to Teresa is a zigzag – well, a big zigzag. Nice view too!

BTW, I almost forgot to mention. Hindi nagmamadali ang mga drivers. They like to wait a lot. Baka lang maubos pasensya nyo, eh bili na kayo ng sariling sasakyan. 🙂

Paano pumunta ng Tagaytay?

Ano muna gagawin mo?

Kung sa Tagaytay Junction din lang yan, para kumain sa Jollibee :), eto:

Saan ka man sa Maynila, kailangang marating mo muna ang EDSA kanto ng Taft Avenue.

Kung ayaw mo naman, saan ka man, mag.abang ka ng byaheng ALFONSO (Cavite).


Mula EDSA-TAFT kasi, P 60.00 lang ang pasahe papuntang Tagaytay Junction, or Olivarez Plaza. Nandun ang Jollibee. Dun nagsasanga ang mga daan papunta sa ibang lugar.

ANO MERON? Eh di VIEW ng Taal Volcano!

SA Tagaytay-Calamba Road side:

  • Tagaytay Highlands
  • Tagaytay Picnic Grove
  • People’s Park
  • Faith Mountain (baba ka sa tapat ng People’s Park at maglakad ng 2-kilometro papasok sa daang papunta ng DapDap)

SA Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road side:

  • Mahogany Market (para sa masarap na chibabam at bulalo)
  • Taal Vista

Tignan ang mapa:

Wag ka mawawala. Libre magtanong sa, at mangulit ng kunduktor.

Dahil pag lumagpas ka sa Tagaytay Junction, over ka na! 😛

Masarap tumakbo sa Tagaytay. Maraming ruta na pwedeng gawin basta ang simula at katatapusan ay sa Jollibee. Bakit?

Magugutom ka. Giginawin. Mapapagod. OK. Mapapagod ka muna…at giginawin, bago ka magutom. Pwedeng rambol ito eh. Pwedeng giniginaw ka na bago ka pa mapagod at magutom o sabay sabay!

Pero kailangan mong magtipid.

So, Jollibee. 🙂

Paparap-papap! Blog ko to!


Aba! Bumalik lang sa pinang-galingan! Hehehehe.