IN OTHER NEWS 2013 #003

Fairy Tail Chapter 322 is up! I love it! LOLS ๐Ÿ˜›


Team Boring’s CJ Paran finished BDM 160K and 102K 2013. BUT – he is not the first BORING member to do that. He is the 2nd, so far!

BORED member Doc Art Virata is the first one who has accomplished such an incredible feat. In 2011, he finished 160K and 102K the week after. This year’s 160 and 102 has at least a month of rest in between.

In the same note, Team Boring’s Daphne Codilla is the 1st runner up for the 5th BDM 102K. She is the 2nd so far! Last year’s 4th BDM 102K 1st runner up is no other than BORED member Aleth Reblora.

Amazing people indeed!



What Options?

It’s already the 3rd month of the year.

NO marathon nor ultramarathon yet for me. It’s a bit uneasy and unbelievable given the fact that I have ran a BDM event since 2010.

Flash Back!


a few meters to the finish line. a sprint for me…


With THE Baldrunner

(see link below for the story, then)

2nd BDM 102k 2010


1st BDM 160K 2011


Part 1 2012 2nd BDM 160K

Part 2 2012 2nd BDM 160K

Going back to the present moment – here I am, wishing I could run another 1…well, 2 for a grandslam to be exact. It will not be an easy task but then I also think that it will not be difficult at all. I will prepare well – and that is just 1/3 of what is needed:

  1. Training Preparation
  2. Registration
  3. Logistics

No proper training and preparation – NO run.

No registration – No run.

No logistics, i.e., support car, crew, supplies – No run!

What else must be considered? The meat of the registration and logistics part – CASH!

I can train well and proper given a small area for training ground. But with no cash to spare for #2 & #3, i’d be reduced to an spectator and crew again. LOLS. Too sad a thought.

I’d rather not beg like I did before but I will just wait for someone to sponsor me. ๐Ÿ˜›

(praying that my sponsors from before will come back and sponsor me again)

(mind you, I really don’t mind begging from person to person if I have to) ๐Ÿ™‚

Else, what options do I have?

I don’t even have the answer to that now.

Funny, yes.

Sad too.

Yeah, I got my mind for 2014 already – just a few days after the 5th BDM 102K have ended. Preparation is everything, you know.

It is indeed too early – but I can’t risk being too late.

(Shout-out to all my friends!)