But that is not the question

Regardless of the work-out, activity or passion of any athlete, specifically runners, what is more important to know and find out behind anything is IF there is an obvious improvement.


Running, combined with CrossFits and other intense activies can best be enjoyed if you are improving. By improvement, I mean:

  • gained confidence
  • better time
  • better body conditioning
  • better recovery
  • best overall self appraisal
  • better outlook

But that is not the question. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some people might ask:

  • Lumiit ba waistline mo?
  • Nabawasan ba ang timbang?
  • Nawala na ba ang taba sa tiyan?






Amazing things happen.

Lately, I get a lot of realization.

Yes, I do read a lot…and from the knowledge learned, you realize somethings.

  • It’s not really embarassing to be honest about what you are.

In all honesty, that’s all there is to it. I am what I am. I can’t be what others want me to be. I can’t be what other’s think I am.

  • I do wished I have the luxury others have.

To race whenever I like, wherever, and whatever.

But that’s not my reality. My reality is that what I earn as a worker is just enough to see my family through:

  1. rent
  2. utility bills
  3. meals
  4. school expenses

A wife and 3 studying kids requires a lot of cash. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Lord’s grace indeed is sufficient. We get to eat as a family 3 times a day. We have enough for that. No excesses at all.


BY no excesses, I mean – nothing for any other thing.

Hence, I do not join races – but I run a lot.

What I can save from my allowance is the same ones I can use if I would go out of Manila to run. Not everyday is a day of plenty. But everyday is blessed enough – for the Lord’s grace is sufficient.

Just last week, my only daughter graduated on her elementary studies. That is enough joy for me. My youngest son did get a 3rd honor on his grade 1 class. My eldest son did get past his 2nd year high school studies.

  • I make do with what I have – and I do try my best not to resort to loans.

I’ve been there once. Made the biggest mistake before. I learned now.

Simple life it is.

I do have wants. It will only have to wait until the time of plenty. My body is ready. The pocket is not. LOLS.

In any case – in whatever things – I thank God. The gift of life and strength is enough reason to celebrate already. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kilometer Clubs

Really? There is such a thing? What are they for?


I dont know.

I just happen to have the first 1000 as a free token from the BaldRunner himself.


I am really looking forward to 7,000-KM.

Why? Because I have more than that now:


I do have lots of shoes. They are living an extended life because the wear and tear is not that much. ๐Ÿ™‚ I alternate the use every week, if not every 2 days.

I still have 1 that is not in the list. Still in a cold box! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks be to God!

BTW: I don’t have a trail shoes. Now you know…


Monday afternoon run was a hot run. @4pm, the sun still stings.

I took the route of CCP to Intramuros for a change. ๐Ÿ™‚ 8.01 K in 1 hour 8 minutes!

The green F50 Racer isn’t bad at all. The bad thing is that I used a new socks – and suffered a blister. Toinkz!


Wednesday night run after work is a bit surprising. While I intend to go home early, and do only a very short run, I was able to log a good time.

4 kilometers in 00:23:53 minutes

Splits = 7:04 – 5:54 – 5:57 – 4:58 minutes

The green F50 Racer performed well even with a new Black Nike Cotton Socks.

I followed the run with a Recovery Jog of 1K in 8:26


Thursday night run was amazing for me. I was actually surprised at the top speed I was running. It was a 2:1 10K run but the run pace is quite impressive to me. The walk pace is even fast. I did sweat a lot but the good thing is I was carrying a micro-fiber face towel.

The Green F50 Racer combined with the new White Nike Cotton Socks proved well too!

10.01K in 1:15:49. Average Pace for this Run:Walk is 7 minutes 34 seconds per Kilometer.

Splits: 8:22 / 7:30 / 7:22 / 8:09 / 7:01 / 8:42 / 7:02 / 7:29 / 6:42 / 7:00

I repeat (for those who might miss the detail – this is a 2 MINUTES RUN followed by a 1 MINUTE WALK. It’s not a continuous run. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I am walking at a 6K/hour pace, my run pace is? You do the math!

Now you know why I am happy.


Saturday afternoon run was a drag. Jogged and walk from Quirino via Nagtahan Bridge to CEU – TIP and Ayala Bridge to Paco. The Climacool Ride is no ride at all. Felt tired. Felt lazy. It was also too hot for a 5:06pm start. So much vehicle around too. Managed only a 7K in 1 hour 4 minutes 57 seconds.


Sunday morning run was a long run. I started @6:41am. It’s already too hot.

Took the 16K route from Baywalk to Macapagal Avenue and back via MOA thru GSIS-CCP.

The Climacool Ride is a good ride this time. My thirst threshold stayed at 15K.ย  A nice run on a Sunday morning!


Last week was overall a bit faster and longer than this week. But I have had the longest run in this week so far. Anyways, I can already see some improvements. I need 2 weeks more before my personal time trial. ๐Ÿ™‚ That will be the proof of the fruit.

Thanks be to God!

Week #1


So far, I like this week.

The runs are a bit consistent and the pacing is not very taxing.

Monday and Tuesday are both CONTINUOUS and NO DRINKS until I stop.

Thursday and Saturday are both a 2:1 run with NO DRINKS.

Sunday is a 2K 2:1 jog:walk until I sprinted the next 5.5K. The pacing was a bit nice and fast considering tht I came from a 12-hour work shift.

Now I am looking forward for the next.

I’m also hoping to get a different route other than this week’s PACO-MALATE-CCP-MOA. ๐Ÿ™‚

Praise be to God!

IN OTHER NEWS 2013 #003

Fairy Tail Chapter 322 is up! I love it! LOLS ๐Ÿ˜›


Team Boring’s CJ Paran finished BDM 160K and 102K 2013. BUT – he is not the first BORING member to do that. He is the 2nd, so far!

BORED member Doc Art Virata is the first one who has accomplished such an incredible feat. In 2011, he finished 160K and 102K the week after. This year’s 160 and 102 has at least a month of rest in between.

In the same note, Team Boring’s Daphne Codilla is the 1st runner up for the 5th BDM 102K. She is the 2nd so far! Last year’s 4th BDM 102K 1st runner up is no other than BORED member Aleth Reblora.

Amazing people indeed!


What could be wrong?

I wonder too.

With the number of runner who DNF last 5th Bataan Death March Ultramarathon, I have to ask.

Not that it’s entirely my business.

Not that I am nosy and all.

Yes, it happens. But more than once – for the same person ? It’s a bit alarming to me.

Not that I care if it’s your own money.

Not that I care if you do have a lot of money.

I wish to state that I mean well.

That maybe, somewhow, if I could introduce a different perspective, one would finally succeed.


What went wrong? The last time, compared to this time, what’s the difference – if any, and how did things end up to be a DNF?

Sometimes, when we fail to face the truth, we face an undesirable consequence.

I will understand if the runner is injured. Otherwise, what could be wrong? What is lacking, if any? What needs to be done?

the dawning of knowledge

BDM, 102 or 160 requires a proper preparation.

  • your body needs to be able to cope with running long and longer at a certain pace. You should be able to maintain the minimum at all times – that means pacing at net of your rest and stops
  • your mind needs to be able to stay sane the whole time – else, you need a good and experienced support crew
  • you need a balanced hydration and re-fuel plan
  • you need to know what to do in case problems arise – else, your support crew should know

Everything may be learned. You just have to source-out the information from the knowledgeable ones.

Who knows, you just might be in need of a good coach. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ordinary Day

I was dreaming.

Well, I am dreaming of turning specially fruitful-training days into ordinary days…

…and I like dreaming about it. LOLS

Not that it will matter to people like you, nor will it be of any use to anyone – but what the …? This is my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

By Ordinary, I mean to refer to the routines of my day. Not just work and quality time with my family, but also of the important points of my exercise – aimed at making myself stronger, fitter and faster. I see no argument in that now.


Compare this:

Ordinary = RUN – work – sleep – sometimes run – sometimes miss – work – sleep.

Special = Run – Work – Run – Sleep

..and the special is something I wish to turn my ordinary days in to. Get it? Thanks.

Why would I want that?

Because the doubles, when combined with back-to-backs always works best for me: (have done it a lot of times already when preparing at a little time for big events)

  • i lose weight fast
  • i feel lighter a lot
  • i move faster and so does my walk and run
  • i feel a lot better when i feel strong

Getting faster though will require extra hard work.

Anyways, I’d get there. Soon.

All by God’s grace.