Once Upon a Time

Suddenly, I missed a lot.

Those LSDs we call.

Those fun runs where we don’t have to pay for anything other than what we want to eat after.

Those fun guys with passion equal to mine:  PEAK HERE.

The nicest places we’ve been to.

The best meals and laughters after. 🙂

I used to push…

…push people to running.

I used to lead a pace.

I used to organize the run and choose the place.

But that was long ago.

I have no need to push these guys now – they are highly motivated and are training on their own.

I can’t lead them anymore to a pace – most of them are way faster than me now.

There’s so many run to many different places – I only need to be invited. 🙂

Anyways, nothing was lost.

A lot is, however, cherished. See a SAMPLE.

When I’m back to a normal schedule…

When I have the luxury of time…

I’d go to where I have been – once upon a time.