BATULAO Chronicle

I was early at the meeting place.


We should be meeting at 4am inside KFC Coastal. I was there before 3am. It was a cold morning. I was right about bringing a thick sweatshirt. By 4am when the group is already complete, we headed to the Bus Terminal at Coastal Mall. To Evercrest! The jump-off for Mount Batulao. We ate breakfast first at a nearby store whose name I forgot. They have a delicious-looking menu.

By 6:28am, we’re already walking to the gate of Evercrest. We opted not to get a guide. We’d just ask around – if ever we get lost. We did! LOLS.

Anyways, the route to Peak 8 was a bit easy. Going to Peak 9 up to the Summit was a bit challenging already. Top that with the Rappeling down from the Summit to the old trail’s Camp 7!

From Camp 7 to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 – it was all just easy. We even stopped to eat. Camp 1 to Peak 1 is where the challenge is. 🙂

The heat of the sun made it all challenging.

It was a relaxed adventure. Lots of time to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We stopped to rest. We took our time on the descents and ascents. No pressure at all.

Pictures as follows:

From Crissy:

Peak 1
Peak 1
Evercrest Entrance
Evercrest Entrance
Summit too
Summit too

From Thei:

526958_730284683653631_1148660440_n 559465_730284496986983_528140011_n 922974_730287480320018_369342927_n 994631_730286633653436_485185930_n 996019_730286806986752_988000131_n 1374094_730286646986768_1091739904_n 1377123_730284873653612_1212994677_n 1377998_730285906986842_1198716282_n 1378506_730287273653372_102147138_n 1378664_730287263653373_1012644543_n 1379750_730286610320105_1973547726_n 1380113_730286296986803_306790976_n 1381746_730284830320283_28447597_n 1381750_730284226987010_728251861_n 1381853_730285010320265_1651240323_n 1382178_730285410320225_1109718877_n 1382311_730284576986975_205865593_n  1382987_730284826986950_2058867986_n 1383523_730284963653603_1517039040_n 1383532_730287386986694_1216058244_n 1383533_10201264730173732_1111781782_n 1384358_730286700320096_1811685460_n 1385145_730287390320027_643893396_n 1385804_730287290320037_660484406_n 1385882_730287413653358_838293238_n 1385940_730284543653645_2144910203_n 1390603_730284123653687_164377359_n 1393750_730286313653468_1201581621_n 1394136_730286840320082_1059893848_n 1394259_730284566986976_1593217944_n

Best Shot of Me!
Best Shot of Me!

From Jerome:

557256_10202314710657559_39942193_n 988332_10202314701497330_197799715_n 1374872_10202314695457179_381934134_n 1375136_10202314711857589_1517544510_n 1376372_10202314691497080_1310997090_n 1377459_10202314710417553_1972780860_n 1377575_10202314700737311_2134747294_n 1378352_10202314700937316_975956345_n 1378843_10202314695177172_1871720414_n 1379288_10202314707337476_1899885810_n 1379332_10202314687976992_1775301144_n 1381407_10202314695937191_829926128_n 1381664_10202314701297325_1087718360_n 1383212_10202314695657184_1601946906_n 1383859_10202314691177072_1584078735_n 1383932_10202314712217598_760208784_n 1383934_10202314704697410_565045473_n

I tried my best to beat my personal cut-off. 4pm at home!

Thank God! IN at 3:55pm!

All thanks to the Lord God Almighty!



Feeling newbie. 🙂

I have been to a lot of places. This one is what I have been dreaming to try.

So it’s my first time. This route from KM 35 near Jollibee, Tanza, Cavite to KM 65 – the DENR registration area for climbers of Mount Palay-Palay aka PICO de LORO.

Looking back at the invite – what was written was Chika Run. But looking at the personalities behind the run – I knew it will be a fast one. 🙂

I left home early just to be sure that I get there before anyone else does. I don’t know how long the trip will be – but I don’t mind being early.

@1:06am, I am already in Heritage-Tulay. Fare from home is 8.00 and 11.00 pesos.

@1:10am, I boarded the jeepney to SM Bacoor. I paid P 18.00

@1:34am, I am already @ the 7-11 opposite SM Bacoor.

Tambay ng konti. 🙂

@1:41am, I boarded a jeepney to Tanza. I expect to be at Jollibee by 2:10am. I paid P 20.00

@2:11am, I am at Jollibee Tanza. I ordered the only breakfast meal available other than the hotdog : LONGGANISA rice. Paid P 89.00 for this. The HOT choco is not hot. It’s not even close to warm. But my mind is too busy to complain. I’m a bit sleepy that I forgot to withdraw cash. (You will find out later why).

Runners started coming.


a number of runners
a number of runners

It doesn’t take a skyrocket genius to know that this group is fast. 🙂 They’re all geared up so light.


The route was a bit dark from Tanza. I can’t recognize anything except for the blinding lights of the coming vehicles. It was drizzling a bit when we started. The road is already wet and there are minor potholes to dodge already. 🙂

By the time we reached the Uniwide Sales property – the groups’ lead shouted out to the rest for a group picture. Stretched a bit too.


The pace was a good 7 to 7.5K per hour. A good pace for a big group.

I stopped before this at a store somewhere. Bought a green Cobra and a 350 ml mineral water. I paid P 22.00


where we met Jeff
where we met Jeff (the one in Condura shirt

Others reloaded here. After a brief chat, we hit the left side of the road again.

The pace from this point is at 6.6 to 7.2Kms per hour.

check out the road's stretch
check out the road’s stretch


Maragondon Arc
Maragondon Arc

I stopped at a nearby store and found nothing but YAKULT for a drink. I paid P 9.00

From this point, we employed (for a while! LOLS) a good 4:1 protocol. It was a sight to see runners moving in one direction.


Finally...the smell close to the finish
Finally…the smell close to the finish

The group re-grouped here. Re-loaded. Chat.

I bought a Quake something and a small bottle of royal here. I paid 17 pesos. This is KM 19.5 (half-way to the target!)

Then my apps (MAVERICK) suddenly hanged. The time was moving. Distance and Average Pace stucked. Nah.

Another few kilometer and I bought another green Cobra and a 500ml of water before the Bridge where the group stops. This is already 7:41am. I paid P 25.00

FIFTH STOP: (picture!)



Off we go now to a slow climb.

last stop before the ascent
last stop before the ascent

At a store opposite this view, I bought a blue Gatorade for myself. I paid P 12.00. I still have a 500ml water in my other hand.


Welcome to the Ascending road. 🙂 This is where the run starts. The fun started from the start. LOLs

nope, my head didn't fell off
nope, my head didn’t fell off



prep for the big run
prep for the big run



It’s a challenging one. I like it a lot…no, I love it! I attacked it with all my heart and felt so nice!

thinking. Hmp! Let’s see!
boys chasing the girl
boys chasing the girl
Thanks for the shot Bajorky!
Thanks for the shot Bajorky!


no, it's not an accident :) It's Bajorky lying on the road
no, it’s not an accident 🙂
It’s Bajorky lying on the road
I did some ups before stretching a bit
I did some ups before stretching a bit

It’s also the last time I saw my water. LOLS. It’s gone when I started moving.

We still have a lot of kilometers to go.

I tried to maintain a fast walk over the rolling hills. Felt so nice running at a good pace and enjoying the fresh smell of the route.

By the time I reached the DENR, Israel, Richard and Paul is already there.

I bought a water and a gatorade (at a gold’s price). I paid P 75.00 for it! …and this is where it got nasty. That was my last! I brought only P 300 and some loose coins in my measly pocket and forgot to withdraw additional cash. I already spent P 231.00 before this purchase. That is already a total of P 306.00

We have to go back. This is where the group stops. We need to pay for a tricycle going back.

Bajorky offered a P 40.00 to add to my coins. Kindhearted guy.

Jef and Daisy paid for my bus. Kindhearted people.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Israel, AJ’s one and only, Paul, Enrique, Dexter, AJ, Ploi, Randy, Richard, Johanna, Bajorky,Jef, Daisy, Eli, ME



While waiting for Jeff and Jen. 🙂


Those C like hand-sign means CAVITE


We will definitely meet again.
We will definitely meet again. Very very soon!

To God be the highest glory!

For the safe trip, for the run, for the fun, and for the great time.

Zero to 56


I left home to be early. July 20, 2013.

By 11:31pm, I am already at KM 0 Marker.

Shot by Rod Runner
Shot by Rod Runner. Phone ni Ronnel Go.

Order of arrival:

  1. Me
  2. Jon Borbon
  3. Ronald Robles
  4. Ronnel Go
  5. Christian Oting
  6. Marjun
  7. Rod Runner
  8. Aleth Reblora

By 00:15:00 am, we started walking.

It was a good fast walk already. Then we jogged.

Boring Route. Cold Night. Lots of Dogs. Quiet Moment.

@KM 30, we stopped for lugaw. It was already a cool morning. We saw other runners too.

My record shows:(moving time)

@00:15 42.05Kms in 6:24:45 until 8:00am.

@08:00 14:61Kms in 2:32:40

Time @ Last 12 Kms is 8:54am.

Time @ Last 11 Kms is 9:03am.

Time @ Last 6 Kms is 10:31am.

By Ronnel Go.
By Ronnel Go.

Time @ Finish Line KM 56 is a few more minutes before 11:00am.

A few meters to finishing the run, while on walk, my shoes gave out.


I had to run since it’s harder to walk. It was a fast one to the finish with Ronnel Go on the lead, me and Christian and Jon behind. Ronald was already at Jollibee Tagaytay when we arrived. He took a ride at KM 50 after enduring a painful cramps.

check out the heel
check out the heel. taken @ Jollibee Tagaytay via Android Zoom Camera

Near quarter to 12 noon, Rod, Aleth and Marjun came. 🙂 Rod took a nap (he said so) before proceeding to finish.

@KM 56 Marker
@KM 56 Marker. Photo Credit to Ronnel Go.


Recovery Drink agad!
Recovery Drink agad!

We took a jeepney to Mahogany Market for the well-deserved lunch. The place is surprisingly packed with people. We have the same food in mind at this time. Bulalo and Tawilis. LOLS

Masarap na Bulalo
Masarap na Bulalo
BAON ko.
BAON ko.
upon arrival
upon arrival

Total Expenses for this run-walk-food trip (broken down as follows) : P 902.75

  • Jeep fare to MH Del Pilar from Home: P 8.00
  • Bag load: P 247.75
  • 1st stop = Gatorade Lime @ 7-11 for P 37.00
  • 2nd stop = Powerade Ion + Smidgets @ 7-11 for P 30.00 and P 16.00
  • 3rd stop = 330 ml water @ Mini-Stop for P 10.00
  • 4th stop = 500 ml water @ 7-11 for P 16.00
  • 5th stop = @KM 30. 2 x 8oz Pop Cola + Lugaw for P 20.00 and P 10.00
  • 6th stop = @KM 42. RC Cola + Pandesal for P 7.00 and P 20.00
  • 7th stop = @KM 50. 8oz Rootbeer and Water for P 9.00 and P 9.00
  • Post-run meal: Rice, Bulalo and Crunchy Tawilis for P 160.00
  • Pasalubong: Pineapple and Peanut Sweets for P 100.00 and P 100.00
  • Bus fare from Mahogany to Pedro Gil: P 95.00
  • Jeep fare from Pedro Gil to Home: P 8.00

All thanks and praise to God Almighty!



What better word to describe our Ultrarunner known to many as:


CJ Miles
CJ Miles

My very first race:

(Non-Commercial) First Star magic Run (March 14, 2010 -3km) – free kit bigay lang ng friend from star Magic.

(Commercial race) Earth run (June 5, 2010 – 5k) – First registered 5km run

First 5K with Best Friend and Running Buddy
First 5K with Best Friend and Running Buddy

The reason why I run:

I like it and I just do it. Masarap sa feeling… nakakawala ng stress sa buhay. The most common reason I think is to have a healthy lifestyle. Somebody says running is the greatest Metaphor for Life, because you get out of it, what you put into it. Because of running nagkaroon ako ng positive outlook in life. I realized, life itself is very precious and has a different meaning to everyone.  “I hope that through running marating ko pa ang age ni Mang Victor Ting”.

I used to be a MMORPG addict (google it). I think almost 6 to 9 hrs ako online (everyday) to play and to level up my character. Eventually I got sick and bedridden for almost 4 days then nung gumaling ako my character was left behind sa guild then medyo tinamad na maglaro. Suddenly, I saw my friends in facebook na nag join ng mga fun run and they motivated me to join also, then dun na ako nagstart to go into running.

THE old-CJ Miles playing MMORPG
THE old-CJ Miles playing MMORPG

My most memorable race:

2013 BDM 160

Memorable because it’s my dream to run in BDM 160 and for me it is the most prestigious 100-mile endurance run in the Philippines – considering the difficulty of the race and the history that goes with it. I’m also very proud and inspired because Karlene was physically part of my support crew in my journey to Capas Shrine.  I’m very thankful and honored because TL Zaldy, Gia and Noel of Ayala Triads volunteered and sacrificed their time to help me finish the race. Sa awa ng diyos dream come true I earned my 3rd buckle. “It was a once in a lifetime experience, daming kwento tsaka nangyaring drama”…(hahaha)

BDM 160
BDM 160


My Best Time in a Marathon:

03:51: 42 – Run United Philippines (I used Karlene’s bib kaya I got a sub 4)


Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra: 7-23

(editors note: he has the most ultras among the featured ultrarunners)


  1. Condura Skyway Marathons (Feb 2011)
  2. 35th National Milo Marathon Elims (July 2011)
  3. QC International Marathon (December 2012)
  4. Condura Skyway Marathons (Feb 2012)
  5. 36th National Milo Marathon Elims (July 2012)
  6. Run United Phil. Marathon (October 2012)
  7. Condura Skyway Marathons (Feb 2013)


  1. Tagaytay to Nasugbu 50 Kms (October 2011)
  2. Bataan Death March 102kms (March 2012)
  3. Mayon 360 80km (April 2012)
  4. Tagaytay to Nagusbu 50k (May 2012)
  5. Nuvali Trail Challenge Ultra trail 50Km (July 2012)
  6. First Marcos-Kennon Ultra 80Km (July 2012)
  7. I Shall Return Ultra 50 Km (August 2012)
  8. Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan 60km (August 2012)
  9. First PAU National Championship 110 km (September 2012)
  10. Warrior 50 Cebu 50 km (September 2012)
  11. Mt. Pinatubo 50k Ultra trail Challenge (October 2012)
  12. West Coast 200km Multi Stage (November 2012)
  13. Hundred Miles (H1) Bogo City 160 km (November 2012)
  14. Clark-Miyamit 80km Ultra trail (November 2012)
  15. Tagaytay to Nagusbu 50k (December 2012)
  16. Taklang Damulag Endurance run 160Km (December 2012)
  17. Bataan Death March 160k (January 2012)
  18. Hundred Miles (H1) Nueva Viscaya – DNF (February 2013)***
  19. Bataan Death March 102k (March 2013)
  20. Siquior 360 Ultra 75 km (March 2013
  21. The North Face Ultra Trail 100k (April 2013)
  22. Nuvali Trail Challenge Ultra trail 50Km (June 2013)
  23. 1st Negros Occidental 73km Ultra run (July 2013)
with Marcelo the Champ
with Marcelo the Champ
West Coast 200K
West Coast 200K
Taclang Damulag
Taclang Damulag
PAU Championship
PAU Championship


Obviously the distance… (LOL)

The other difference I think is pacing and nutrition.




To improve my running skills I decided to train at BGC Milo APEX running school last May to July 2012. Fortunately I improved my PR’s and felt stronger every time I join a race. Also, every Tuesday I go to Ayala Triads running clinic. I also joined LSD with friends during my free time. 

MIYAMIT Trail – Off Season sa Running

Pre race:

I have a pre-race ritual. A day or two before the race I go to the masseur or any decent spa/massage parlor for a massage (para relax ang body ko before the race).


I usually start with fast pace then I just adjust my pace along the way. I always take full advantage of the night if the races start at night or early in the morning. Mahina kasi ako sa init ng araw. I just do a power walk sometimes to conserve energy then kapag ala na si haring araw takbo takbo din pag may time.

Post Race:

Sometimes I go to Peak Form BGC for therapy and quick recovery especially after running 100 mile.

5 Most Recent Races:

  1. Bataan Death March 102k (March 2013)
  2. Siquior 360 Ultra 75 km (March 2013)
  3. The North Face Ultra Trail 100k (April 2013)
  4. Nuvali Trail Challenge Ultra trail 50Km (June 2013)
  5. 1st Negros Occidental 73km Ultra run (July 2013)
with Karlene. 1st road ultra and podium finish
with Karlene. 1st road ultra and podium finish


My favorite shoes for marathon and road Ultra running – it’s Mizuno Rider 14. Then for ultra trails Salomon Comp 5 and New Balance 610

Team Affiliation:

Ok Ok runners and Ayala Triads

Ok Ok Runners
Ok Ok Runners


I am still newbie in ultra running. For me my training, nutrition and race day strategy are still work in progress… I still experimenting my food intake, pacing during training or in actual races and I’m very happy I learn naman something new kung hindi nman na improved ko yung iba… and still continuous pa rin ang pag follow and pagbabasa ng running blog if I have free time to learn something new.

Ang masasabi ko lang sa running community is I realized ultra running takes a lot of discipline and dedication during training (especially the longer distances). Sabi nga nila,  sa Ultra “separates the men from the boys” due to the difficulty of the race. There’s a time because of fatigue and pain your mind will tell you to stop and quit from running (DNF) but if you trained well and have a strong mind/determination, you will finish the race.

Sa mga beterano dyan keep on inspiring people  – mga newbie na gaya ko… Cheers!

Dear Newbie

For the 102K 1st timers.

Allow me to embrace the questions you have in mind.


  1. There are no marshalls in the Bataan Death March 102 Km Ultramarathon. What you will see are regular staff jotting down your number while you find it harder and harder to move forward. Don’t watch their eyes. Focus on the race. Focus on the road.
  2. Again, nobody checks on the runners in the front, nor in the back. If you have a support vehicle, then somebody would be checking on you – and you’d be checking on somebody. If you are on self-support – check your pee. Check your hydration and re-fueling too.
  3. You will not find a single signage along the route.  You will never see a single distance marker along the road too. What you should see is the Bataan Death March kilometer marker. Lose sight of the white thumbtacks, and you will be somewhere else! You may invite me for recon of the route – for a good meal! LOLS
  4. For water refilling stations, try the stores along the road. You will need this once you reach the OVEN – the stretch from Dinalupihan to KM Marker 83. Yes, you will never forget this part of the race. 🙂 You need a pacer? Oh, get me! LOLS …By the way, medics with ointments and ice?  – bring them yourself.
  5. Identifiers of WATER REFILLING STATIONS, OFFICIAL BDM EVENT VEHICLE, BDM EVENT STAFF ? there’s NONE! LOLS You are not in BGC . . .kamon! Fix the image of the BaldRunner in your mind and do everything you can to meet him in the finish line – before the cut-off. Else, he won’t be there! (Yup! He won’t be there!)
  6. Don’t worry, you get something when you cross the finish line in time. 🙂 That’s a guarantee!

For a better appreciation of who I am, please see my experience. (link below) 🙂


Thank you for joining this race. You are in good hands when you know what to do. Remember that it doesn’t hurt to ask. What will hurt you is when you have no idea and you’re too shy to utter anything.

To God be the glory!


This is a bit challenging route.

We should start at around 2am at McDonald’s Masinag to Sampaloc’s Barangay Hall. From them, it’s a Jeepney Ride to Home. 🙂

I will finalize the date.

Tentative on June 30, 2013. Self-Support. We rely on the Lord’s loving-mercy. 🙂

I will run this in 9:1 protocol as much as I can.

It is final.

Meet-up is 1:00am @ Jollibee Guadalupe, June 30, 2013 SUNDAY!

Run starts 2:00am @ McDo Masinag, Antipolo and ends @ Sampaloc, Tanay

It’s an 8-hour run or 45Kms whichever comes first.

God be with us.


Where are they now?

Some time long ago,


I think it’s time to update what they have been doing so far. 🙂

  1. Ronald SP Robles – Finished the 50K Laguna to Quezon Ultramarathon last June 16, 2013.
  2. Daphne Rose T. Codilla – Finished the 50K Tanay Ultramarathon last June 12, 2013 and still! kept her title as Female Champ!
  3. Japhet Andrew A. Grande – Finished 50K T2N last December of 2012.
  4. Francisco R. Delmo Jr. – Finished the 50K Tanay Ultramarathon last June 12, 2013.
  5. Wesley Noel S. Oraña – Recently finished the BDM 102 of 2013.
  6. Jimmy Ong – Finished the 50K Tanay Ultramarathon last June 12, 2013.
  7. Wilnar Iglesia – Finished the SN250 last June 14 To 16, 2013. He bagged 3rd place! (Awesome guy! Always humble!) A rare breed!
  8. Jerome Estrada Jamili – Recently Finished the BDM 102 of 2013, Silver Medalist.
  9. Camilo R. Paran Jr. – Recently Finished a Grandslam BDM 160 and 102 of 2013.
  10. Janus Ajusto – Finished the 50K Laguna to Quezon Ultramarathon last June 16, 2013, with his wife Malou! (awesome couple, congrats!)

For my new friends in the community  – if you think you or a friend should be in this list, feel free to PM me. 🙂

21 to 50 – The L2Q Chronicle

Longest race for the year is 21K before yesterday’s L2Q.

It’s my first ultramarathon for this year.


Allow me to share my story.

June 15:

  • @7:10pm, I left home to DLTB Buendia.
  • @8:02pm, I entered the long line.
  • @8:17pm, boarded the bus.
  • @8:47pm, bus is already in Alabang Metropolis.
  • @9:27pm, bus is already in Calamba City.
  • @10:38pm, bus is already in Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
  • @10:55pm, I am already having a Burger Steak meal at Jollibee Sta. Cruz.

June 16:

  • @past MIDNIGHT, with Ronald Robles, we bought water at 7-11. After, a light coffee snack at a bakery opposite the Provincial Capitol of Sta. Cruz.

We tried to take a nap. I failed. We tried to find a good place to rest but I still failed to get the needed sleep. I was just so energized.

  • @3:31am, we startled to mingle with the big crowd of ultrarunners. Lots of pictures.
  • TEAM BORING runner in attendance: ME, Thea Sangrador, Ronald Robles, Nonong Mortel, Rej Santos, Bong Bernadez, Mccoy Lontoc, Rod Apolinario, and Boo Toledo. On Self-Support: Me, Thea and Ronald.
  • @4:30am, gunstart.
  • @7:01am, first softdrink @ a sari sari store. A very small bottle of Sprite.
  • @8:22am, next softdrink @ a sari sari store. A small bottle of Royal.
  • @8:48am, reached KM 30. Had a nice cone of ice cream. Ahead of 9am Target.
  • @9:22am, first twitch of a developing cramp.
  • @11:30am, @ the welcome ark of Lucban.
  • a few meters after an ice cold coke by Meljohn Tezon, I was able to push the pace – only to be halted by a big and nasty hamstring cramps. Thanks to a nearby support car of a kind runner I-failed-to-get-the-bib-number-nor-the-name. I was really grimacing in pain – and the man hurriedly applied an omega pain killer (or something) to my relief! 🙂 God is good indeed.

Then all of a sudden, as we trod (me with some other runners) the last 4kms to finish, a heavy rain fell. I love it! 🙂

I was back at my fast walk and I pushed the pace until the finish line. My record via My Track shows a 50.24K @ 7:54:30. The route was 52.55K. Unofficially, I think I saw 8:12:++ when I crossed. But then, I think it better to post the official result once it is published.

I have a sore back, shoulder and quads – for carrying my own supplies. But I am glad I did. Jet Paiso offered to take the bag to the Finish Line in the last 5K – so I was able to run and walk a bit faster without the excess weight.

At the time of this writing, I can walk normally even on stairs. Thank God!

954844_10200122386525924_1206072602_n 1011159_4966732131030_2075488290_n 944717_471036749655869_1066462587_n 971444_471036702989207_936845965_n

I have lots of people/team to thank.

  1. Team Boring: Jet Paiso, Joy Vargas, Vivs Toledo, Cindy Sevilla. The rest I didnt get to see along the route. Either they are far away ahead or behind me.
  2. Team Fairview: Special shout to Amang! Tubig lang yun – pero yun ang kailangan.
  3. Team Ekek: right at a time when it’s all too hot – a cold spray!
  4. Team Marupok: Meljohn and Brian – a big thanks! Very nice store of everything! Right also at a time when something is needed.
  5. Myla Limpay Go – for the post run meal / coffee / ride / chat. I do envy your training ground. 🙂
  6. Leo Tugade and his team of snails! 🙂 Salamat sa Flat Tops!

The race was well organized. Marshalls are to be found exactly where you need to find the route. The water/gatorade at stations are cold and right at the point as announced. GU was given. Ice Cream too. Ambulance always on standby. Cheers abound too. The route is well managed in terms of the traffic. Roving marshalls are everywhere!

It is worth noting that the route’s view is majestic and amazing.

This is a run worth repeating.

Kudos to the Organizer of this race. God bless you!

Self Support Running

Come Sunday,

the 16th of June, I will be running a 50K Ultramarathon from Sta Cruz, Laguna to Lucban, Quezon (L2Q) – on self-support.

Such feat is not for everybody.

It’s only for the experienced and the ones who are up to get the experience. 🙂

I’ve done this already. In T2N 50K, and Fort Magsaysay 60K. It’s a big bonus already when you get to be of the same pace with someone supported and willing to share supplies.

…and that’s how ultramarathon is. People share. People care.

If they don’t? Pray to God that there’d be lots of sari-sari store along the route.

L2Q is a new route. No one has ever blogged about it nor reconned the route and shouted. Given that there’d be convenience or sari-sari store along the route, we still can’t tell how far each is to one another.

A runner must rely on what is carried – which is a must.

At least bring some and conserve until stores are found.

Ok. Let’s rephrase. Since I will be running on self-support, this is exactly how I will do it.

  • BRING WHAT I NEED. At least a supply enough to carry me above 10K. Hoping that before or after 10K mark, there’d be some stores to buy something, an aid station that has something to offer, or some angels to aid me. 🙂 NOTE: From Sta. Cruz Capitol to Pagsanjan Municipal Hall is about 5K only. So the 1st 5K is not a problem.
  • CARRY ONLY THE LIGHTEST. OF course, one cannot sustain a heavy load over a long distance. It has to be just enough to be something bearable. NOTE: From Pagsanjan Municipal Hall to Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road is only 3.3K. There’s a Public Market before the fork – it’s wise to re-load there and carry a bit more.
  • BE TOUGH. MIND AND BODY. Carry on and focus on the run. My strategy is to execute my training : a 10:1 run walk – except for the steepest ascent. NOTE: From the Fork to STI College near Caliraya Recreation is 7.1kms. This is already in LUMBAN. It’s a bearable jungle of you, the view and the road. At this point, I already have covered 15.4Kms of the entire route. The longest ascent is at KM 9 to 14 – which is most likely to be a walk. This is also where the walking-picnic happens. 🙂 LOLS
  • FREE YOUR MIND – PRAY. When I run, I do not entertain negative thoughts. Rather, I pray a lot. There’s nothing better than this. Me and my God on a very long chat! NOTE: From Lumban’s STI College, there’d be a community in the next 4.9 to 5.2K of the route. This is already past the KM 20 of the race. Still, a safe race in terms of supplies.The BIble says in Hebrews 13:5: New International Version (©2011) Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” No worries, right?
  • CAREFUL NOTE: The next 5K from the KM 20 of the route is a bit similar to the last. Pray that the small community at this point has something to offer for the passing runners. 🙂 An ice-cold JUICY LEMON or an RC perhaps?
  • ENDURE. The next 5 to 6K of the route is another jungle. I need to endure and rely on my supplies at this point until I reach Cavinti-Luisiana Road. Joseph Prince Baltazar should be at this point. 🙂 LOLS with rice meal on hand! This is now KM 31 to 32K.
  • POINT OF NO RETURN. I will not surrender, of course. This point is where no one should consider tapping out. It’s 18K more to the Finish Line. FINISH LINE matters here. Not the MORE. 🙂 (gets?)
  • HOPE ALWAYS FOR THE BEST. RELY ON GOD. The next 5K is a jungle again. But there’s a number of small communities along the route. God will provide. This should be KM 37 of the entire route.
  • READY FOR THE FEAST. The next 5 to 6K is in Luisiana already. It’s a crowded place. There ought to be a lot of vendors there – for me to feast on. This is KM 42 to 43. Last jungle stretch to the FINISH. I should be burping and smiling at this point.
  • AGAIN, do not lose focus here. Last stretch to the finish must be endured. I will have to rely again on what I am carrying before the Finish Line in Lucban. I should be light at this point too because I am sure that I am already running at a fast pace. But then, caution on too much confidence. We can never tell the weather.

My 10:1 Run Walk can do this. All I have to do is just to vary the pace.

1 – 9 = flat

10 – 14 = ascending

15 – 50 = rolling hills

See you on Sunday!