Great Improvement

Last year, I made a plan to make this year a year of breaking records and PRs. So far, I have beaten myself in a couple of races now.

Last April 26, 2015, my first race for this year, I was able to run a new personal best on a 42K. Of course, almost all distances below except 10K was a PR.

The following month, May, I joined a 10K fun run in Pasig. Again, I was able to beat my own PR. I was so happy with the result of my erratic training. Low mileage yet effective workouts. With or without sleep doesn’t matter.

Again, last June 14, 2015, I joined PAL’s Manila Marathon. Such prestige in the name but was a poorly managed race. We started by a countdown. Not a single tarp to say we are in what event and where exactly is the start. First water station is at KM 1 followed by the next one in KM 7. Tough race indeed! But, wait, there’s more! Since this is a 2 loop route, we already know the distance after the first. See my snap-shot below.


See! First full loop is only 16.2 x 2…and they added another small 5K loop after the 2nd Loop … For at least 37.4K. Add some more to the finish line and this will only give you a 38K distance. See below.


Sad to say, despite my faster time than last time, no new PR.


Some minor few, though. It’s a sure new record for me if this was only a 42K.


Anyways, I already have exceeded my own expectation. Once again, I have proven to myself how effective my methods of training is. Careful note must also be made that I have not added any strengthening workouts like I would when preparing for an ultra. It’s bound to happen soon though.

If ever, by MILO race day on July, I just might run a new best time…but its still tentative. What’s important now is to rest and recover well for the next hard workouts. Small minute details do take care of the big events. ๐Ÿ™‚

All thanks and praise be to our Lord God Almighty!

Eyes Fixed

Yes, my eyes are greatly fixed on the following events. However, since not just my hands but also my wallet is tied, I could only hope to do at least 1 or 2 in this line-up. Also, I have a shifting schedule that included weekends…taking a leave is not that easy too. (my best excuse so far! lol)

March 7-8, 2015โ€”โ€“7th Bataan Death March 102K (BDM 102) Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BRโ€™s Events)

March 21-22, 2015โ€”โ€“1st The Great Metro Manila 100-Mile Endurance Race (Road/BRโ€™s Events)

March 28-29, 2015โ€”-2nd Marcos-Kennon 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BRโ€™s Events)

April 11-12, 2015โ€”โ€“1st MAYON 160K/80K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BRโ€™s Events)

May 2, 2015โ€”โ€“1st Mt Tapulao Trail (42K) Marathon (Trail/BRโ€™s Events)

May 9, 2015โ€”โ€“9th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BRโ€™s Events)

June 14, 2015โ€”โ€“ 4th Tanay 50K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BRโ€™s Events)

Anyway, if the Lord is willing.

Sponsors, where art thou?

Beating the Clock

For my friends who will be running their longest race this coming week – the BDM 160 kms, this one’s for you.

Fear not.

This distance is not impossible to conquer. A lot has already done it…and kept on doing it for fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

You just have to beat the clock.

Preparation is key to this one.

How to get the better of the time? Read on…

Gunstart is at 5:00am. It will start with or without you. Rule states that you are disqualified already the minute you miss the gunstart. Hehehehe.

Add 8 hours to your starting time. That’s the time to beat and be at KM 50. If you can go faster – and not bonk or suffer (pain) that much – go for it.

Now that you are in the KM 50 marker, next goal is to be at KM 102 marker before the 18th hour from gunstart. That’s just 9 hours and 59 minutes from where you are. Beat that and you can go on to the next and final stop – the place where the buckle waits.

From KM 102, given the exact time you smashed the clock at 17 hours 59 minutes, you now have 14 hours to run, jog, walk, rest and sleep to the next 59 kilometers. Yup, you got it right. 59 kms, not 58. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will also not mention that the last 13 kms to the finish line is a rolling hills – a big contrast to the flat route you lulled with from KM 35. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, let’s recap this simple math.

KM 00 to 50 = 8 hours.

KM 50 to 102 = 10 hours.

KM 102 to 160 = 14 hours.

That will give you so much time…a huge 32 hours to cover the entire 100 miles +. But it’s not wise to play it by the minute. Better give yourself at least 30 minutes to be at the cut-off markers before the cut-off times.

That simply means a minor adjustment to your plan:

KM 00 to 50 = hit 7 hours 30 minutes.

KM 50 to 102 = hit 9 hours 30 minutes.

KM 102 to 160 = hit 13 hours 30 minutes.

Do that (and pray that you are able to do it!) and you’ll be crossing the finish line in 30 hours 30 minutes. Not bad for a first timer.

Just go beat the clock. It’s not that easy, but it’s not impossible. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Concrete Plan

4 Training Peaks this year. 1st two (2) in detail now. The 1st Peak A 12-week program to start on February 1, 2015. All about the base. A streak of daily runs with varying mix all aimed at developing a good and solid base in preparation for the 2nd Peak. Not an easy one – but also not impossible. The key is in control of the paces.The shorter the run, the faster. The slower the pace, the longer the distance must be covered. ๐Ÿ™‚ The goal is to maintain the EASY pace of my current fitness. Exactly how would my first day run in this training would look like?ย  – It will be a 3K and a 5K time trial. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best effort at holding the fastest pace I can. That’s just the first day. Anyways, it will all be written here as I progressed. If the Lord is willing, this will go smooth as planned. (updated as necessary)…

A new year

December 2014 was one of the most memorable and most active in my running life. Here’s why:

#01 I ran the 8th PAU Tagaytay to Nasugbu 50-kms ultra marathon.


#02 I finished the Mount Talamitam 10-miles Challenge and waited for more than the time it took me to finish mine. (The downside of pool shuttle service) Well, we’ve had a big order of bulalo which I shared with 2 other runners. We divided the costs too. This particular afternoon is super cold in Tagaytay.


#03 I ran a 10-mile route from Tagaytay Junction to Palace in the Sky with some runners I coach. The bulalo meal after is simply delicious. As usual, very cool weather. Fog covered the route to Palace…



#04 I ran from Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga to Capas, Tarlac with Thea – a simple recon for her biggest event.



I never would have enjoyed this much if not for the strength and good health from the Lord.

I am looking forward to the monthly challenges of the new year. I will start with at least a pikermi, if not a marathon, for each month of 2015.

To God be the glory!

Building Up

2 Tempo and Long Intervals per week.

1 every two weeks of Hills, Repetitions, Sprints and Strides.

Run one or two easy miles before and after each workout to warm up and cool down.

1. TEMPO RUN: 25 to 30 minutes at 20 seconds slower than 10K pace
2. LONG INTERVALS: 4 x mile at 5K race pace with 3 to 4 minutes active recovery
3. HILL REPEATS: 2 sets of 6 to 8 x 150-meter hill repeats. Sprint up, walk down.
4. SPEED REPETITIONS: 8 x 400 meters at mile race pace with 2 minutes active recovery
5. SPRINTS: 8 x 200 meters at 800-meter race pace with 200-meter slow jog recovery
6. STRIDES: 10 to 12 x 100-meter strides. Stride the straightaway, jog the turn.

๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of hard stuff here.

Here’s a preview of the 1st Month of MY TRAINING to start September 1, 2013:

Week 1

  • tempo / long intervals / long runs / hills

Week 2

  • tempo / long intervals / long runs

Week 3

  • tempo / long intervals / repetition / hills

Week 4

  • tempo / long intervals / long runs

God bless us all.