Ordinary Day

I was dreaming.

Well, I am dreaming of turning specially fruitful-training days into ordinary days…

…and I like dreaming about it. LOLS

Not that it will matter to people like you, nor will it be of any use to anyone – but what the …? This is my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

By Ordinary, I mean to refer to the routines of my day. Not just work and quality time with my family, but also of the important points of my exercise – aimed at making myself stronger, fitter and faster. I see no argument in that now.


Compare this:

Ordinary = RUN – work – sleep – sometimes run – sometimes miss – work – sleep.

Special = Run – Work – Run – Sleep

..and the special is something I wish to turn my ordinary days in to. Get it? Thanks.

Why would I want that?

Because the doubles, when combined with back-to-backs always works best for me: (have done it a lot of times already when preparing at a little time for big events)

  • i lose weight fast
  • i feel lighter a lot
  • i move faster and so does my walk and run
  • i feel a lot better when i feel strong

Getting faster though will require extra hard work.

Anyways, I’d get there. Soon.

All by God’s grace.