Eyes Fixed

Yes, my eyes are greatly fixed on the following events. However, since not just my hands but also my wallet is tied, I could only hope to do at least 1 or 2 in this line-up. Also, I have a shifting schedule that included weekends…taking a leave is not that easy too. (my best excuse so far! lol)

March 7-8, 2015—–7th Bataan Death March 102K (BDM 102) Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

March 21-22, 2015—–1st The Great Metro Manila 100-Mile Endurance Race (Road/BR’s Events)

March 28-29, 2015—-2nd Marcos-Kennon 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

April 11-12, 2015—–1st MAYON 160K/80K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

May 2, 2015—–1st Mt Tapulao Trail (42K) Marathon (Trail/BR’s Events)

May 9, 2015—–9th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

June 14, 2015—– 4th Tanay 50K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

Anyway, if the Lord is willing.

Sponsors, where art thou?



The one word that could best fit our ultrarunner known to many as:



My very first race:

Having no previous foot race experience, I joined the Men’s Health All Terrain Race in 2008.   It was a 12k trail run in the Timberland heights of San Mateo, Rizal now famous for its “shotgun” route.  I had no idea then how trail runs were conducted or ran so I thought it will just be a “fast-paced” ascent/descent from a mountain owing to my mountaineering background.  No training and all, I was huffing and puffing as I hiked my way to the finish line.  It was my baptism of fire.  “Sh*t! kaya ko pala to.”  I said to myself.   I was so excited to join the next race event that immediately after that, I penned my name in the Mizuno Infinity Run registration in the same venue.  And as they say, the rest is history. 

young and newbie
young and newbie

The reason why I run:

Way before I started joining running events, I was already into mountaineering and competitive dragon boat paddling, among other sports.  My weakness then, was my cardio.  I lack endurance.  Running was already a part of my training regimen but I spend very little time doing it, sometimes just enough to break a sweat.  So I thought that I need to incorporate more runs, and I started joining more and more road races as part of my cross training.  Soon after, I was collecting race singlets here and there.


Over time, running has served a different purpose for me.  Running provided me some “quiet” time and an escape from the noise of work and city life.  In the mountains or off-road trails, I get to commune with nature and in the process appreciate the simpler things in life.  As I started doing more ultras, the experience became even better.  Enduring to finish a loooong tough race has made me realize how the mind and body can achieve extra ordinary feats of human strength and stamina.


I also had a realization that running is a life skill that every able-bodied person should learn and practice.  Much like swimming, it is a skill that could save one’s life.   In a worst case scenario, I could run quickly to higher ground in a sudden tsunami surge, or outrun a mob wanting to do harm on me. 


My most memorable race:

I have 3 most memorable races (in no particular order).


My first DNF.  In 2009, after completing several road 10ks, 2 half-marys, and marathon, I thought I was ready to raise my game to next level so I joined the 100k event of TNF100 race in Sacobia, Pampanga.  I failed miserably that I only covered 35k before I quit.  I vividly remember running side by side with the eventual champion heading into an aid station.  He was on his second loop (km 85) and I was still on my first (km 35). Wow, such disparity! I learned a lot of hard lessons during that race.


KOTM hardcore hundred miles.  It was the toughest, most arduous trail run I have ever completed.  Traversing through two of the most prominent peaks in Luzon, plus the inclement weather made it extra special and extra hard. 

with the RD Jonel
with the RD Jonel
amongst the elite
amongst the elite

BDM 160.  Becoming a finisher of a pioneering race is a once in a life time experience.  I dug very deep into my inner-strength-self just to finish that race.  To date, It is still the race that I had the most training and preparation.

With the BUCKLE!
With the BUCKLE!


My best time in marathon:

A forgettable 4:59. It was during Condura Skyway 2011 while preparing for BDM160.  I’m still dreaming of qualifying for the national finals of Milo marathon.


Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra: 6 – 12

Marathon versus Ultra:

Both has its own goals.  For me, it’s a matter of preference.  Some get a kick out of fast-paced, all-out running.  For me, it’s enduring a longer distance than the previous once I did.  For me, ultras are more fun.  I love the camaraderie and friendships forged by runners partaking in such an extreme sport.  I have so far completed six (6) marathons and twelve (12) ultras, while DNFing three(3).



  • Botak Takbo Paatibayan 2009
  • Camsur Marathon 2010
  • Condura Skyway Marathon 2010
  • Condura Skyway Marathon 2011
  • Milo Marathon metro manila eliminations 2011
  • KOTM trail marathon 2012



  • H1 Hardcore 100miles trail 2013
  • BDM102 2010
  • BDM160 2011
  • PAU Nationals 110k 2012
  • TNF100 100k (2010, 2011, 2013)
  • CM50 50miles (2011, 2012)
  • FatAss 2011 88k/24 hours
  • FatAss 2012 121k/36 hours
  • Botak Takbo Paatibayan 100k 2009
  • Rock and Road Run to the Clouds 55k
  • PAU T2N 50k 2010
  • Pinatubo 50k challenge 2011
  • DNF’ed:  TD100, TNF100 (2009, 2012)


Difference between marathon and 50k

The 8km difference for me is not that significant.  If it’s between 92k and 100k, then that’s a different story. 



I have an erratic work schedule that includes late night stays in the office and weekend work so I always try to maximize the little time I allocate for training.  When I was preparing for BDM160, I had to cut down my lunch time to just 15minutes in order to sneak in a 2k run off the thread mill.  I did that 5 days a week for nearly 2 months.  Sometimes, Instead of commuting on the way home, I walk a good 8km from my office just to put in mileage. 


When I’m preparing for an ultra trail race, I see to it that I get some quality trail time, running or even just hiking, no matter the distance just to get the feel of dirt and uneven ground.  If schedule permits, I also join recon runs in order to familiarize myself with the route, because with the little amount of time I put on training, I can’t afford to lose precious time being lost on the trail.


Starting line rituals.  I set the mood by listening to my personal playlist of “battle songs”.

first love
first love
quality trail time @ Mt Makiling
quality trail time @ Mt Makiling



Come race day, I just try to stick to my plan and run my own race.   When I start to doubt myself if I can finish the race, I think of all the people who believes in me, and I imagine myself crossing the finish line.  


Last 5 most recent races:

Been choosy lately so my last 5 stretches back to 2012. 


  1. BR’s First Beer Mile Run
  2. PAU National Championships Guimaras 110k
  3. CM50  50 miles


  1. KOTM Hardcore Hundred (100) Miles Trail Ultra
  2. TNF100 100k



I have been a practicing minimalist runner ever since I was introduced to VFFs in 2010.  VFF Spyridon, Vivo Barefoot ultra, Merrel trail glove, Altra Lone Peak, and Skechers GoTrail are my current weapons of choice.  What I use to train, I also use to race.

minimalist in Tapulao
minimalist in Tapulao


 Team Affiliation:

Accenture Running Club. A company-based club consisting of volunteer employees who want to promote, grow, and share the joys, experiences, and benefits of running.  It aims to create the perfect atmosphere that inspires wellness as well as foster the spirit of volunteerism and camaraderie that will benefit the community, the company and the nation.  As a member of the club’s core group, I actively participate in our group runs or learning sessions where I share my experiences with the other members.

Accenture Running Club
Accenture Running Club



Please continue to encourage and inspire people to run – your family members, friends, neighbours, your co-workers.  Be a living example of the joys and benefits of running.  Spread the love. 

To the Pinoy ultrarunning community, may we always keep our feet on the ground and our heads on the clouds.  Raise your own bar and keep pushing the limits.  Always respect the distance.


No Reason To Be Sad

I am convinced!


I have always been grateful to my God for this life. I don’t even mind repeating myself in my own blog. I am a family man. I am the sole provider for my wife, and 3 kids. I have 2 teenagers in their high school study, and the youngest in Grade 2.

I have bills too. I pay utilities and I pay house rent monthly. Add to that the many things required at school for the daily studies of the children…and yes, we eat daily! 🙂

In short – I am loaded.

Not that I am complaining. Not me. I put all my trust to my ever-loving God who never fails to provide for all my and my family’s need.

Yes, for all my need – NOT every thing I want.

I’ve always wanted to join ultra-races.

I wanted to. Let me ask my self: “Do I need to?”

At the rate of the races these days – I must admit that I cannot afford it.

It’s a bonus from the Lord when I get to race at all.

I can race every week. I wanted to but I cannot.

I don’t think that I need too.

Yes, there are races I have locked my eyes at. I wanted to …

and I will pray for it.

Only God can see through the deepest desires of our hearts. He can read what’s on our mind. No one can hide anything from Him. I mean no one. He knows everything. Every details of our daily living.

He is a merciful God who is ever generous.

I am looking forward to my bonus. One day. Some day.

Thanks be to the awesome God!









No better word to describe this guy.

He is known to the lots of you as:




My very first Race:

My first run is the Fort Strider 10km run in Sept. 02, 2010, being invited by my high school batchmate, we registered in a 10km category and just run on the event day without thinking how long it, we just want a medal. After that I joined the Milo A.P.E.X (Athletic Performance Enhancement Training)  Running School,  since then I keep on learning and adopting ways on how can I improve my running. A month after my first 10km and being train under Milo Running clinic I join my first 21km and happy to get a sub 2 time (during that time I don’t know what that means) and the rest is history as I continue to improve myself, staying fit and healthy.


The reason why I run:         

I run because I want explore the possibilities of the things that I can do –  to challenge my mind and body and do it again and again.

My most memorable race:

The most Memorable Marathon I’ve done is the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon last December 02, 2012, where I got my best personal record of 3:38, here I got the chance to push myself as fast and hard as I can and to be able to run side by side by top foreign marathoner. It’s an awakening stage to me while running that am a newbie to the sport I felt in love.

Impressive Time!
Impressive Time!

As for Ultra, the most memorable is the H1 HARDCORE HUNDRED MILES last Feb. 22-23 2013, after finishing my first 100 miles in 2nd edition of TD 100 (Taklang Damulag), December 15, 2012 and the 3rd BDM 160 on January 2013. The truth is I want to taper and rest because am aiming for a BDM Grand slam doing the BDM 160 and 102. BDM 102 is being held every March so I have whole month of February to be on condition again after having my worst blister in TD 100, but my friend CJ Miles aiming for ARC Grand Slam ask me to join him on H1. Having financial problem, good friends of mine (they know who they are) support me to join the H1. I trek the Mt Pulag and Mt Ugo in different times but doing this time I will be doing both in one event. I am worried if I can finish – but I value the trust of my friend. So my plan is simple “keep me high and moving till the finish line”. Till now I can’t believe I finish that. Mother nature gave us (H1 Participant) a challenge of a lifetime – cold rain and wind plus the various terrain from start to finish line. I thank Sir Jonel Mendoza for pushing me to join Ultra Events and Sir Jovie Narcise for creating Ultra Events in the Philippines. I don’t have to travel abroad to meet and race along with foreign Ultra Runner like Sir Andre Blumberg, Sir Mark Jolin, Sir Seow Kong Ng and many more. I gained tips on how to train myself and what nutrition to take base on their experience plus am having fun in trail and in road as I tour the beauty of our country while running.





the elites of H1!
the elites of H1!



My Best Time in a Marathon: 5- 13

3:38:36 in Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2012

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:         



  • Condura Skyway Marathon 2012
  • Milo Marathon 2012
  • Runrio Philippine Marathon 2012
  • Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2012
  • Condura Skyway Marathon 2013


  • 1st Fort Magsaysay 60k 2011


  • Western Pangasinan 65k 2011
  • T2N 50k 2011
  • BDM 102 – 2012
  • TNF 100 2012
  • 2nd Fort Magsaysay 60k 2012
Thru the kindness of Joseph Sibal - we are on the same van!
Thru the kindness of Joseph Sibal – we are on the same van!
  • Epic Relay 250km 2012


  • BDM 160 – 2013
  • PIMCO Tanay 50k Trail run 2013
  • BDM 102 – 2013
  • L2Q 50k 2013

Difference between marathon and 50k?      

In a marathon you push all your speed and stamina in one shoot.  You endure the pain while your sustaining your speed because you aim to have a best time…

In a 50K/ Ultra event you focus on doing a relax and steady pace per km, being consistent in your cadence and checking your hydration/nutrition as you go for a higher mileage.


I run everyday to relax my mind at work or simple to stay fit and healthy. If I have a race or ultra event I plan my training program/ mileage run before the said event. I want to finish strong and injury free as much as possible.


At the starting line I always pray and seek guidance from above, then I visualize my run. I always start slow, steady building up my pace. I always check my hydration/ nutrition.  I walk if I need to then run again all the way to the finish line.


Am not specific in running shoe, the two things I check when I buy “the comfort and the price””
Most of my shoes are top running shoes of previous years (mga lumang model para sale na or lowprice but top quality) like the one I have used for TD100, BDM 160/102 and H1  – old version of Newton Sir Isaac. I also have Salomon, Mizuno Racer and K-swiz (dont know the model). Unlike others, for me,  the one I use in training is the one I also use in the race event not unless alam ko na bibigay na yung shoes and need na palitan. Thinking ko kasi hindi naman sa running shoes yun it’s how you run efficiently, Basta comfortable paa mo sa sapatos, takbo na.

Team Affiliation:

  • Team USB (Ultra Snail Runners)


  • Milo R2 Apex Team Managers



“Respect the Distance”, take time in leveling up your category. Have a discipline in Training as you build up your character to each race you join. Remember that we have one body so if we run injury free, the more we enjoy each races in the future.


This is a bit challenging route.

We should start at around 2am at McDonald’s Masinag to Sampaloc’s Barangay Hall. From them, it’s a Jeepney Ride to Home. 🙂

I will finalize the date.

Tentative on June 30, 2013. Self-Support. We rely on the Lord’s loving-mercy. 🙂

I will run this in 9:1 protocol as much as I can.

It is final.

Meet-up is 1:00am @ Jollibee Guadalupe, June 30, 2013 SUNDAY!

Run starts 2:00am @ McDo Masinag, Antipolo and ends @ Sampaloc, Tanay

It’s an 8-hour run or 45Kms whichever comes first.

God be with us.


21 to 50 – The L2Q Chronicle

Longest race for the year is 21K before yesterday’s L2Q.

It’s my first ultramarathon for this year.


Allow me to share my story.

June 15:

  • @7:10pm, I left home to DLTB Buendia.
  • @8:02pm, I entered the long line.
  • @8:17pm, boarded the bus.
  • @8:47pm, bus is already in Alabang Metropolis.
  • @9:27pm, bus is already in Calamba City.
  • @10:38pm, bus is already in Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
  • @10:55pm, I am already having a Burger Steak meal at Jollibee Sta. Cruz.

June 16:

  • @past MIDNIGHT, with Ronald Robles, we bought water at 7-11. After, a light coffee snack at a bakery opposite the Provincial Capitol of Sta. Cruz.

We tried to take a nap. I failed. We tried to find a good place to rest but I still failed to get the needed sleep. I was just so energized.

  • @3:31am, we startled to mingle with the big crowd of ultrarunners. Lots of pictures.
  • TEAM BORING runner in attendance: ME, Thea Sangrador, Ronald Robles, Nonong Mortel, Rej Santos, Bong Bernadez, Mccoy Lontoc, Rod Apolinario, and Boo Toledo. On Self-Support: Me, Thea and Ronald.
  • @4:30am, gunstart.
  • @7:01am, first softdrink @ a sari sari store. A very small bottle of Sprite.
  • @8:22am, next softdrink @ a sari sari store. A small bottle of Royal.
  • @8:48am, reached KM 30. Had a nice cone of ice cream. Ahead of 9am Target.
  • @9:22am, first twitch of a developing cramp.
  • @11:30am, @ the welcome ark of Lucban.
  • a few meters after an ice cold coke by Meljohn Tezon, I was able to push the pace – only to be halted by a big and nasty hamstring cramps. Thanks to a nearby support car of a kind runner I-failed-to-get-the-bib-number-nor-the-name. I was really grimacing in pain – and the man hurriedly applied an omega pain killer (or something) to my relief! 🙂 God is good indeed.

Then all of a sudden, as we trod (me with some other runners) the last 4kms to finish, a heavy rain fell. I love it! 🙂

I was back at my fast walk and I pushed the pace until the finish line. My record via My Track shows a 50.24K @ 7:54:30. The route was 52.55K. Unofficially, I think I saw 8:12:++ when I crossed. But then, I think it better to post the official result once it is published.

I have a sore back, shoulder and quads – for carrying my own supplies. But I am glad I did. Jet Paiso offered to take the bag to the Finish Line in the last 5K – so I was able to run and walk a bit faster without the excess weight.

At the time of this writing, I can walk normally even on stairs. Thank God!

954844_10200122386525924_1206072602_n 1011159_4966732131030_2075488290_n 944717_471036749655869_1066462587_n 971444_471036702989207_936845965_n

I have lots of people/team to thank.

  1. Team Boring: Jet Paiso, Joy Vargas, Vivs Toledo, Cindy Sevilla. The rest I didnt get to see along the route. Either they are far away ahead or behind me.
  2. Team Fairview: Special shout to Amang! Tubig lang yun – pero yun ang kailangan.
  3. Team Ekek: right at a time when it’s all too hot – a cold spray!
  4. Team Marupok: Meljohn and Brian – a big thanks! Very nice store of everything! Right also at a time when something is needed.
  5. Myla Limpay Go – for the post run meal / coffee / ride / chat. I do envy your training ground. 🙂
  6. Leo Tugade and his team of snails! 🙂 Salamat sa Flat Tops!

The race was well organized. Marshalls are to be found exactly where you need to find the route. The water/gatorade at stations are cold and right at the point as announced. GU was given. Ice Cream too. Ambulance always on standby. Cheers abound too. The route is well managed in terms of the traffic. Roving marshalls are everywhere!

It is worth noting that the route’s view is majestic and amazing.

This is a run worth repeating.

Kudos to the Organizer of this race. God bless you!

Self Support Running

Come Sunday,

the 16th of June, I will be running a 50K Ultramarathon from Sta Cruz, Laguna to Lucban, Quezon (L2Q) – on self-support.

Such feat is not for everybody.

It’s only for the experienced and the ones who are up to get the experience. 🙂

I’ve done this already. In T2N 50K, and Fort Magsaysay 60K. It’s a big bonus already when you get to be of the same pace with someone supported and willing to share supplies.

…and that’s how ultramarathon is. People share. People care.

If they don’t? Pray to God that there’d be lots of sari-sari store along the route.

L2Q is a new route. No one has ever blogged about it nor reconned the route and shouted. Given that there’d be convenience or sari-sari store along the route, we still can’t tell how far each is to one another.

A runner must rely on what is carried – which is a must.

At least bring some and conserve until stores are found.

Ok. Let’s rephrase. Since I will be running on self-support, this is exactly how I will do it.

  • BRING WHAT I NEED. At least a supply enough to carry me above 10K. Hoping that before or after 10K mark, there’d be some stores to buy something, an aid station that has something to offer, or some angels to aid me. 🙂 NOTE: From Sta. Cruz Capitol to Pagsanjan Municipal Hall is about 5K only. So the 1st 5K is not a problem.
  • CARRY ONLY THE LIGHTEST. OF course, one cannot sustain a heavy load over a long distance. It has to be just enough to be something bearable. NOTE: From Pagsanjan Municipal Hall to Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road is only 3.3K. There’s a Public Market before the fork – it’s wise to re-load there and carry a bit more.
  • BE TOUGH. MIND AND BODY. Carry on and focus on the run. My strategy is to execute my training : a 10:1 run walk – except for the steepest ascent. NOTE: From the Fork to STI College near Caliraya Recreation is 7.1kms. This is already in LUMBAN. It’s a bearable jungle of you, the view and the road. At this point, I already have covered 15.4Kms of the entire route. The longest ascent is at KM 9 to 14 – which is most likely to be a walk. This is also where the walking-picnic happens. 🙂 LOLS
  • FREE YOUR MIND – PRAY. When I run, I do not entertain negative thoughts. Rather, I pray a lot. There’s nothing better than this. Me and my God on a very long chat! NOTE: From Lumban’s STI College, there’d be a community in the next 4.9 to 5.2K of the route. This is already past the KM 20 of the race. Still, a safe race in terms of supplies.The BIble says in Hebrews 13:5: New International Version (©2011) Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” No worries, right?
  • CAREFUL NOTE: The next 5K from the KM 20 of the route is a bit similar to the last. Pray that the small community at this point has something to offer for the passing runners. 🙂 An ice-cold JUICY LEMON or an RC perhaps?
  • ENDURE. The next 5 to 6K of the route is another jungle. I need to endure and rely on my supplies at this point until I reach Cavinti-Luisiana Road. Joseph Prince Baltazar should be at this point. 🙂 LOLS with rice meal on hand! This is now KM 31 to 32K.
  • POINT OF NO RETURN. I will not surrender, of course. This point is where no one should consider tapping out. It’s 18K more to the Finish Line. FINISH LINE matters here. Not the MORE. 🙂 (gets?)
  • HOPE ALWAYS FOR THE BEST. RELY ON GOD. The next 5K is a jungle again. But there’s a number of small communities along the route. God will provide. This should be KM 37 of the entire route.
  • READY FOR THE FEAST. The next 5 to 6K is in Luisiana already. It’s a crowded place. There ought to be a lot of vendors there – for me to feast on. This is KM 42 to 43. Last jungle stretch to the FINISH. I should be burping and smiling at this point.
  • AGAIN, do not lose focus here. Last stretch to the finish must be endured. I will have to rely again on what I am carrying before the Finish Line in Lucban. I should be light at this point too because I am sure that I am already running at a fast pace. But then, caution on too much confidence. We can never tell the weather.

My 10:1 Run Walk can do this. All I have to do is just to vary the pace.

1 – 9 = flat

10 – 14 = ascending

15 – 50 = rolling hills

See you on Sunday!