Eyes Fixed

Yes, my eyes are greatly fixed on the following events. However, since not just my hands but also my wallet is tied, I could only hope to do at least 1 or 2 in this line-up. Also, I have a shifting schedule that included weekends…taking a leave is not that easy too. (my best excuse so far! lol)

March 7-8, 2015—–7th Bataan Death March 102K (BDM 102) Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

March 21-22, 2015—–1st The Great Metro Manila 100-Mile Endurance Race (Road/BR’s Events)

March 28-29, 2015—-2nd Marcos-Kennon 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

April 11-12, 2015—–1st MAYON 160K/80K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

May 2, 2015—–1st Mt Tapulao Trail (42K) Marathon (Trail/BR’s Events)

May 9, 2015—–9th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

June 14, 2015—– 4th Tanay 50K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

Anyway, if the Lord is willing.

Sponsors, where art thou?

Beating the Clock

For my friends who will be running their longest race this coming week – the BDM 160 kms, this one’s for you.

Fear not.

This distance is not impossible to conquer. A lot has already done it…and kept on doing it for fun. 🙂

You just have to beat the clock.

Preparation is key to this one.

How to get the better of the time? Read on…

Gunstart is at 5:00am. It will start with or without you. Rule states that you are disqualified already the minute you miss the gunstart. Hehehehe.

Add 8 hours to your starting time. That’s the time to beat and be at KM 50. If you can go faster – and not bonk or suffer (pain) that much – go for it.

Now that you are in the KM 50 marker, next goal is to be at KM 102 marker before the 18th hour from gunstart. That’s just 9 hours and 59 minutes from where you are. Beat that and you can go on to the next and final stop – the place where the buckle waits.

From KM 102, given the exact time you smashed the clock at 17 hours 59 minutes, you now have 14 hours to run, jog, walk, rest and sleep to the next 59 kilometers. Yup, you got it right. 59 kms, not 58. 🙂 I will also not mention that the last 13 kms to the finish line is a rolling hills – a big contrast to the flat route you lulled with from KM 35. 🙂

Ok, let’s recap this simple math.

KM 00 to 50 = 8 hours.

KM 50 to 102 = 10 hours.

KM 102 to 160 = 14 hours.

That will give you so much time…a huge 32 hours to cover the entire 100 miles +. But it’s not wise to play it by the minute. Better give yourself at least 30 minutes to be at the cut-off markers before the cut-off times.

That simply means a minor adjustment to your plan:

KM 00 to 50 = hit 7 hours 30 minutes.

KM 50 to 102 = hit 9 hours 30 minutes.

KM 102 to 160 = hit 13 hours 30 minutes.

Do that (and pray that you are able to do it!) and you’ll be crossing the finish line in 30 hours 30 minutes. Not bad for a first timer.

Just go beat the clock. It’s not that easy, but it’s not impossible. 🙂

Ultra running around the World



See sample image of what I am talking about.


Sir Anthony is on a marathon streak for the last 10 days of this month. Real amazing.

Dont Mind Me. I Have My Own Race.

Now that’s funny.


I do have my own race.

I ran almost everyday. 6 days a week.

Some long, some short, some very short, some very long.

I just thought it practical to just do it on my own.

My rules – No rules!

I stop at will. I rest when I get tired. I walk until I can jog again.

It’s quite an economic thing. 🙂

So don’t mind me…

I keep my mouth shut for I am no whiner.

I react when I need to – but not at every little things.

I have my own race. I race against my self.

Soon, you will see me.

Oftentimes, you won’t.




No Reason To Be Sad

I am convinced!


I have always been grateful to my God for this life. I don’t even mind repeating myself in my own blog. I am a family man. I am the sole provider for my wife, and 3 kids. I have 2 teenagers in their high school study, and the youngest in Grade 2.

I have bills too. I pay utilities and I pay house rent monthly. Add to that the many things required at school for the daily studies of the children…and yes, we eat daily! 🙂

In short – I am loaded.

Not that I am complaining. Not me. I put all my trust to my ever-loving God who never fails to provide for all my and my family’s need.

Yes, for all my need – NOT every thing I want.

I’ve always wanted to join ultra-races.

I wanted to. Let me ask my self: “Do I need to?”

At the rate of the races these days – I must admit that I cannot afford it.

It’s a bonus from the Lord when I get to race at all.

I can race every week. I wanted to but I cannot.

I don’t think that I need too.

Yes, there are races I have locked my eyes at. I wanted to …

and I will pray for it.

Only God can see through the deepest desires of our hearts. He can read what’s on our mind. No one can hide anything from Him. I mean no one. He knows everything. Every details of our daily living.

He is a merciful God who is ever generous.

I am looking forward to my bonus. One day. Some day.

Thanks be to the awesome God!







WEEK #17

July 1, 2013 – rest. My 15th Year Anniversary in Government Service. 🙂 Had a good dinner and ice cream with my family. Will soon be wearing a Gold Ring from my Employer! 🙂

July 2, 2013

NIKE LunarGlide 4 H2O Repel

@7:55am - a cup of Choco Filipino + Rebisco Crackers
@8:57am - a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
@10:30am - rice + pork in oyster sauce
@1:00pm - a cup of Choco Filipino + 2 pandesal

@5:05pm Run down 28th Floor to 9th Floor in 00:02:40

Planned RUN turned to unplanned MEALs. LOLS

@19:13 100 side twists in 00:02:22
@19:16 100 ups in 00:01:36
@19:18 100 knee-ups in 00:01:43
@19:20 200 ups in 00:02:15
@19:23 83 hip rotations in 00:02:00
@19:26 20 forward lunges in 00:00:58
@19:29 58 jumping jacks in 00:01:00
@19:30 10-seconds flamingo stretch in 00:02:00
@19:32 100 side twists in 00:02:00
@19:34 30 forward lunges in 00:01:38
@19:35 100 hip rotations in 00:02:31
@19:40 1 minute planks
@19:41 200 ups in 00:02:28

July 3, 2013

NIKE LunarGlide 4 H2O Repel

@7:05am - a 2.58Kms walk from home to office in 00:32:23
@8:07am - a cup of Choco Filipino + Rebisco Crackers
@9:55am - a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
@12:40pm - rice + porkchop + kinilaw na puso ng saging + kamote cue + banana cue
@1:37pm - a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee

@5:09pm – a run down 9th Flr from 28th in 00:02:56

@5:18pm – a 3.00Kms 9:1 run walk in 00:18:47

SPLITS: 6:01 / 6:18 / 6:22

July 4, 2013

adiZero F50 Racer Green

@8:50am  - a paper cup of Figaro's brewed coffee
@11:25am - a cup of Choco Filipino + Rebisco Crackers
@12:40pm - 1.5 rice + adobong atay, puso at balun-balunan
@3:21pm - a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee

@5:05pm – a run down 28th Floor to 9th Floor in 00:02:28

@5:13pm –  a 4.01Kms 14:1 Run Walk in 00:26:30

SPLITS: 6:28 / 5:18 / 7:35 / 7:01

@5:40pm – a 1.02Km Irregular Run-Jog-Walk in 00:08:40

@6:38pm – a 00:01:05 planks before dinner

July 5, 2013
@7:46am - Rebisco Crackers + a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee with Herbal Tea
@10:10am - 1 rice + ginisang monggo
@11:30am - a cup of Choco Filipino
@1:55pm a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee

July 7, 2013

@3:56am – a 5.01Kms mileage run walk in 00:47:38

@4:44am – a 610m run walk in 00:08:07

@5:19am – a 1.01Km warm-up run in 00:11:50

@5:40am – a 9.81Kms KOTR 10K run walk in 00:57:06

@7:28am – a 2.02Kms run walk going to the ride in 00:20:54



No better word to describe this guy.

He is known to the lots of you as:




My very first Race:

My first run is the Fort Strider 10km run in Sept. 02, 2010, being invited by my high school batchmate, we registered in a 10km category and just run on the event day without thinking how long it, we just want a medal. After that I joined the Milo A.P.E.X (Athletic Performance Enhancement Training)  Running School,  since then I keep on learning and adopting ways on how can I improve my running. A month after my first 10km and being train under Milo Running clinic I join my first 21km and happy to get a sub 2 time (during that time I don’t know what that means) and the rest is history as I continue to improve myself, staying fit and healthy.


The reason why I run:         

I run because I want explore the possibilities of the things that I can do –  to challenge my mind and body and do it again and again.

My most memorable race:

The most Memorable Marathon I’ve done is the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon last December 02, 2012, where I got my best personal record of 3:38, here I got the chance to push myself as fast and hard as I can and to be able to run side by side by top foreign marathoner. It’s an awakening stage to me while running that am a newbie to the sport I felt in love.

Impressive Time!
Impressive Time!

As for Ultra, the most memorable is the H1 HARDCORE HUNDRED MILES last Feb. 22-23 2013, after finishing my first 100 miles in 2nd edition of TD 100 (Taklang Damulag), December 15, 2012 and the 3rd BDM 160 on January 2013. The truth is I want to taper and rest because am aiming for a BDM Grand slam doing the BDM 160 and 102. BDM 102 is being held every March so I have whole month of February to be on condition again after having my worst blister in TD 100, but my friend CJ Miles aiming for ARC Grand Slam ask me to join him on H1. Having financial problem, good friends of mine (they know who they are) support me to join the H1. I trek the Mt Pulag and Mt Ugo in different times but doing this time I will be doing both in one event. I am worried if I can finish – but I value the trust of my friend. So my plan is simple “keep me high and moving till the finish line”. Till now I can’t believe I finish that. Mother nature gave us (H1 Participant) a challenge of a lifetime – cold rain and wind plus the various terrain from start to finish line. I thank Sir Jonel Mendoza for pushing me to join Ultra Events and Sir Jovie Narcise for creating Ultra Events in the Philippines. I don’t have to travel abroad to meet and race along with foreign Ultra Runner like Sir Andre Blumberg, Sir Mark Jolin, Sir Seow Kong Ng and many more. I gained tips on how to train myself and what nutrition to take base on their experience plus am having fun in trail and in road as I tour the beauty of our country while running.





the elites of H1!
the elites of H1!



My Best Time in a Marathon: 5- 13

3:38:36 in Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2012

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:         



  • Condura Skyway Marathon 2012
  • Milo Marathon 2012
  • Runrio Philippine Marathon 2012
  • Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2012
  • Condura Skyway Marathon 2013


  • 1st Fort Magsaysay 60k 2011


  • Western Pangasinan 65k 2011
  • T2N 50k 2011
  • BDM 102 – 2012
  • TNF 100 2012
  • 2nd Fort Magsaysay 60k 2012
Thru the kindness of Joseph Sibal - we are on the same van!
Thru the kindness of Joseph Sibal – we are on the same van!
  • Epic Relay 250km 2012


  • BDM 160 – 2013
  • PIMCO Tanay 50k Trail run 2013
  • BDM 102 – 2013
  • L2Q 50k 2013

Difference between marathon and 50k?      

In a marathon you push all your speed and stamina in one shoot.  You endure the pain while your sustaining your speed because you aim to have a best time…

In a 50K/ Ultra event you focus on doing a relax and steady pace per km, being consistent in your cadence and checking your hydration/nutrition as you go for a higher mileage.


I run everyday to relax my mind at work or simple to stay fit and healthy. If I have a race or ultra event I plan my training program/ mileage run before the said event. I want to finish strong and injury free as much as possible.


At the starting line I always pray and seek guidance from above, then I visualize my run. I always start slow, steady building up my pace. I always check my hydration/ nutrition.  I walk if I need to then run again all the way to the finish line.


Am not specific in running shoe, the two things I check when I buy “the comfort and the price””
Most of my shoes are top running shoes of previous years (mga lumang model para sale na or lowprice but top quality) like the one I have used for TD100, BDM 160/102 and H1  – old version of Newton Sir Isaac. I also have Salomon, Mizuno Racer and K-swiz (dont know the model). Unlike others, for me,  the one I use in training is the one I also use in the race event not unless alam ko na bibigay na yung shoes and need na palitan. Thinking ko kasi hindi naman sa running shoes yun it’s how you run efficiently, Basta comfortable paa mo sa sapatos, takbo na.

Team Affiliation:

  • Team USB (Ultra Snail Runners)


  • Milo R2 Apex Team Managers



“Respect the Distance”, take time in leveling up your category. Have a discipline in Training as you build up your character to each race you join. Remember that we have one body so if we run injury free, the more we enjoy each races in the future.


This is a bit challenging route.

We should start at around 2am at McDonald’s Masinag to Sampaloc’s Barangay Hall. From them, it’s a Jeepney Ride to Home. 🙂

I will finalize the date.

Tentative on June 30, 2013. Self-Support. We rely on the Lord’s loving-mercy. 🙂

I will run this in 9:1 protocol as much as I can.

It is final.

Meet-up is 1:00am @ Jollibee Guadalupe, June 30, 2013 SUNDAY!

Run starts 2:00am @ McDo Masinag, Antipolo and ends @ Sampaloc, Tanay

It’s an 8-hour run or 45Kms whichever comes first.

God be with us.


L2Q Result

Ang lakas mo Richard!
Ang lakas mo Richard!

922690_633770729984506_2134534544_n 1010168_539133439479992_890289061_n 1013014_539133492813320_38970178_n 1004570_10200811781448497_291862940_n 7899_591413694225742_1987776829_n 970865_550175355045072_283828776_n 954841_591762627524182_1265769683_n 1014365_591793430854435_1761546437_n 983969_591793444187767_1649261129_n 1011887_550037328392208_1034547323_n 5719_550334565029151_1496910452_n 1002787_550342088361732_121798412_n 954844_10200122386525924_1206072602_n 1011159_4966732131030_2075488290_n 944717_471036749655869_1066462587_n 971444_471036702989207_936845965_n LQ Elevation (1427 Feet Above Sea Level)Self-Support with my heavy bag until the last 5K. 🙂 Hoped to Finish in 9 hours but was able to accomplish better. 🙂

Aimed for an hour (1:30) and 30 minutes for every 10K and at least 2 hours for the last 10K.

Praise be to the Almighty Father. I was able to sustain, and push my pace up a bit.

Many thanks to all the photographers along the route! You made this run more enjoyable. 🙂